• JANUARY Online campaign to urge simplification of child support implementation procedures 
  • MARCH March 8th International Women’s Day Campaign 
  • APRIL Paris Saclay University Tuakur Overseas Volunteer Group Meeting
  • MAY Participation in the 23rd Women’s Marathon and Campaign
    • Children’s cultural event sponsored by MODAMODA to commemorate Family Month
  • JUNE Participation in the 2023 ‘Korea Charity Ride’ Charity Event
  • JULY [KBS Jeonju] Children outside of the system, how to prevent tragedy? Let’s be honest. a radio interview
    • Hankook Ilbo’s alternative discussion meeting for the protection of unregistered infants and single mothers
    • Single-parent Family Advisory Group, a support base agency for single mothers in Buk-gu, Gyeonggi-do
    • [Good Tree] Every birth should be a joy. Contributions
  • AUGUST KEEP Korean American youth’s visiting group ‘Noddol’ meeting
  • SEPTEMBER [How to prevent child abandonment] Announcement of the debater of the National Assembly Policy Debate
    • [Good tree] Birth notification and single mother family protection. contribution
    • NAVER AGAIN Short Film Presentation and Meeting
  • OCTOBER [Knowing about maternity notification and protection] Online special lectures for national members
  • NOVEMBER Is the protective birth system okay as it is? Symposium Presentation
  • DECEMBER National network year-end party for single mothers


  • JANUARY MOU signed by Seoul Women’s Competency Development Institute
  • FEBRUARY National Assembly Debate “Necessity and Meaning of a Universal Birth Registration System Through the Experience of Birth Registration of Unmarried Mothers in Childcare”
    • Visiting the Embassy of Nicaragua in Korea
  • MARCH Universal Birth Reporting Network ‘Proceeds a press conference in front of the National Assembly’
  • APRIL Participation in the Incheon Metropolitan City Council Debate “Three-Year Achievements and Tasks for Emergency Rescue Support for Single Mothers in the Welfare Blind Spot”
    • Participation in the “4th Seoul Welfare Governance Conference” in Seoul
  • MAY Participate in press conferences and performances to commemorate Single Parents’ Day
  • JUNE Joint Announcement at the National Assembly Press Conference of the Association of Korean Regional Children’s Centers
  • AUGUST Participation in submitting an investigation application by the Truth and Reconciliation Committee, an overseas adopter
  • SEPTEMBER Participation in seminars on human rights issues in Korea’s single mother policy, baby box, and overseas adoption
    • OCTOBER Participation of debaters in the Seoul Public Interest Law Center Debate
  • Participation in a symposium on the protected birth system of the Korean Family Law Counseling Center
  • NOVEMBER Participation in the emergency meeting of the National Assembly’s baby box
  • DECEMBER Ansan Health and Family Support Center Business Agreement Ceremony


  • February Press conference calling for the enactment of the Special Act on the Investigation of Child Abuse.
    • German Women’s Club Meeting
  • March 11th Annual General Meeting
    • BTS fan club ARMY donation campaign
    • Investigating the Impact of COVID-19 on the Work and Family Life of Single Mothers
  • JUNE Documentary film VIP Invitation Presentation
  • JULY Press conference in front of the National Assembly of the Adoption Alliance
  • OCTOBER Family Policy in Seoul
    • Signing a ‘shelter’ contract to find hope for the second emergency temporary protection facility in Seodaemun-gu
  • NOVEMBER MOU for Chanel Korea has been signed
  • DECEMBER Gyeonggi Branch Secretariat Contract (Movement of Branch)


  • JANUARY Organised a lecture with Osaka Korea-Japan Single Parents’ Family Research Center
    • Meeting with Swedish Adoption Centre and Swedish Embassy
  • FEBRUARY Attend the meeting on the reality and improvement plan of the youth parent family
    • Participated in education meeting of unwed mother associations by Minister of Gender Equality and Family
  • MARCH  Moved the KUMFA office
    • The 10th in-person regular general meeting
  • MAY  Declaration ceremony of the 1st Adoption Truth Day
    • Nation-wide network activity at Busan, South Korea
  • JUNE  Memorial ceremony of the former president Mok
  • JULY  Nation-wide network activity at Busan
  • AUGUST  Summer camp at Jeju island
  • SEPTEMBER  Lead group at the 1st Adoption Truth Day conference
  • OCTOBER  Participated the discussion forum of Jeju Women’s Development Institute
    • Nation-wide network activity at Busan
  • NOVEMBER Organised “Stop Overseas Adoption” press conference
    • Round table conference about unwed mothers with Jeju Women & Family Research Institute, Korea Institute of Child Care & Education, and Jeju Women’s Association
    • Organised “What is needed now is not the protected birth system” press conference
  • DECEMBER  Meeting with the Minister of Gender Equality and Family
    • Participated in Gyeonggi single parent conference
    • Participated the “Holt Children’s Service is responsible for the poor adoption process and apologize” press conference at Holt Children Service
    • Participated in policy discussion for poor families


  • MARCH  KUMFA 10th Anniversary celebration
  • MAY  Lead organization of 9th Annual Single Moms’ Day, “Why Single Moms’ Day?”
  • JULY  Screening the film of KUMFA Human Library
  • AUGUST  Human Library and Film Screening by KUMFA and GOA’L
  • SEPTEMBER  Sisterhood relationship with Dream Come True Foundation, the Kopino support group
  • SEPTEMBER  Sisterhood relationship with GABRIELA, the national alliance of Filipino women south east Asia
  • NOVEMBER  Organised the talk concert “Happiness”, sponsored by Seoul International Women’s Association


  • MAY  8th Annual Single Moms’ Day “A Society Where Unwed Mothers’ Can Raise their Children”
  • SEPTEMBER  Opening of second location of unwed mother emergency shelter, Heater
  • NOVEMBER  Inauguration of KUMFA Daejeon and Chungcheong branches


  • MAY  Lead organization for 7th Annual Single Moms’ Day, “Single Mothers’ Rights are Children’s Rights” marathon campaign and conference
  • SEPTEMBER  Heater Concert Fundraiser and Bazaar


  • MAY  Lead organization for 6th Annual Single Moms’ Day “Make a World Without Child Abandonment and Trafficking” Han River campaign and conference
  • AUGUST Incorporation of KUMFA


  • MAY   Lead organization for 5th Annual Single Moms’ Day “Cheer up, moms! Smile, kids!” march and conference


  • MARCH Sweden MIA and Meetings – Meetings on International Adoption and Unwed Mothers with the Irish Minister of Children and Youth
  • APRIL-JUNE  Inspection and Study to Improve the Alternative Care System
  • MAY  Single Mom’s Day Conference Held


  • JUNE  Debate on Support Policies for Unwed Mothers and Families Held in Seoul
  • AUGUST–DECEMBER Young Unwed Mothers Policy Meetings and Seminars – Asian Future Forum


  • FEBRUARY  Registered as the 32nd Gender Equality non-profit organization
  • APRIL-PRESENT  Improving Awareness of Unwed Mothers – Human Library Held
  • MAY  Meeting with the Crown Prince of Denmark
  • OCTOBER  Meeting with Germany’s Prime Minister, Mr. Bouffier


  • MARCH  Living Space for Single Mothers in an Emergency “A Place to Find Hope” Opens
  • JUNE  Congressional Forum for Improving Unwed Mothers Support Policies is Held


  • JANUARY  KUMFA Launched the Article
  • SEPTEMBER  Ministry of Gender Equality & Family and managers in 14 local governments nationwide conducted “anti-prejudice against single mothers” training


  • MARCH  Korean Unwed Mothers and Families Association is Founded
  • AUGUST  Unwed Mothers Support Policies Awareness Seminar
  • OCTOBER  New York Times Article (article here)