Korean Unwed Mothers’ Families Association

KUMFA advocates for the rights of unwed mothers and their children in Korea. It’s goal is to enable Korean women to have sufficient resources and support to keep their babies so that mother and child can thrive in Korean society.


Korea Unwed Mothers’ Families Association was Founded by Unwed Mothers in 2009 to Promote the
Rights of Unwed Mothers and Their Children

In the 21st century, families come in all shapes and sizes but in Korea, unwed mothers and their children
face systemic and societal discrimination that prevents them from enjoying equal access and basic
human rights.

Korea Unwed Mothers’ Families Association (KUMFA) holds monthly gatherings for its members to share
important news and updates. KUMFA also organizes various programs and services for members such as
psychotherapy, counseling, parental education, family camp, etc. These programs promote the self-
esteem of unwed mothers and support their families.

Since March of 2011, the Association has been operating a program called, “Heater: A place where one
finds hope.” Heater provides emergency living quarters for unwed mothers who become estranged and
isolated from family, friends, and colleagues due to their decision to raise a child as an unwed mother.

KUMFA provides a safe space for unwed mothers and their families to confidently gather together and
break down the barriers and deeply rooted biases they face in Korean society. It also conducts projects to change Korean society’s views of unwed mothers and their children, reduce the stigma against them,
and to improve their rights as well as have that reflected in government policies.