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I have used baby items and baby clothes that I would like to donate. Would KUMFA accept donations? ... See MoreSee Less
Recently some of adoptees started a research network for Korean adoption studies. They have a website here:kaarn.orgNETWORK COORDINATORSRyan GustafssonPostdoctoral FellowAsia InstituteUniversity of MelbourneBoonyoung HanPh.D. student in Social WelfareSeoul National UniversityNikolaj Jang Lee Linding PedersenProfessor of PhilosophyUnderwood International CollegeYonsei UniversityThey will have first seminar series in January and February. The poster is attached here. Please read and share it with anyone might be interested in this events! ... See MoreSee Less
Hello, all! I have a box of Korean children's books now in Seoul I originally was going to ship to the US where we now live, but it doesn't really make sense anymore given the shipping costs. Would KUMFA be interested in the books? If so, I can ask a friend in Korea deliver them (they are currently at her house).Shannon Doona (I'm sorry if you're not the correct person to tag!) ... See MoreSee Less
[ List of KUMFA donors in 2020 ]This is the list of people who donated to KUMFA through PayPal and KUMFA Kookmin Bank sponsorship accounts this year.KUMFA couldn't pass this year without your help. Thank you very much♡♡올한해 페이팔과 쿰파 국민은행 후원계좌로 쿰파에 기부해주신 분들 명단입니다. 여러분들의 도움없이는 올해를 지나올 수 없었습니다. 정말 정말 감사드립니다. For those who need income deductions in Korea, we can issue donation receipts, and for those who are overseas, we can issue donation certificates. If you need it, please contact : missmommamia@naver.com한국에서 소득공제가 필요한분들은 기부영수증을 발급해드리고 해외에 계신분들은 기부증서를 발급해 드릴 수 있습니다. 필요하신분들은 missmommamia@naver.com 으로 문의주세요~If you don't have a name on the list, please contact me.♧ Paypal donation A : Adam Rex/ adolfo oyarzabal/ allen majors/ Allison Spooner/ Amanda Ciervo/ Amanda Lee Greenhoe/ Amanda Mendat/ Amina Qureshi/ Amy Partain/ Amy Turner/ Anaïs Selepec/ André Ung/ Andrea Bednarczyk/ Andrea Marra/ Angelo Dalida/ Annette Taugbøl/ Avery SchwartzB : BELINDA TAN/ Betina Hsieh/ Bianca Kuijper/ Bradley Wassink/ Brett GabbyC : Caitlin Foran/ Calum Eikenberry/ CARLOS RODRIGUEZ/ Cathrine Toft/ Charlotta Eriksson/ Chhanda Barman/ Christina Majaski/ Christina Sumprer/ Christine Kondrasuk/ Collin Stroud/ Cynthia LandesbergD : daevid yoon/ Daniel Maiuri/ David O'Connell/ debbi wagner-johnson/ Diane Faust/ Dianne Buchholz/ DONGJAE KIM/ Dora WuytsE : Edward Hong/ Elizabeth Burt/ Elizabeth Hui Lin Pang/ Ellisha Lee/ Emilee van Norden/ Emily Barrett/ Emily Hansen/ Emily Kincaid/ Erik Kvalseth/ Essyl GhimF : Face It For Me, LLC/ Fanny Tjäder/ Frances MarshG : Gail Bloom/ Gazillion Strong/ Gina LeeH : hala ahmed/ Hanna Sofia Johansson/ Harrison Braun/ Hilary Disch/ Hye yeong SeongI : IM Professional/ Isabel Maireles DonaireJ : Jennifer Amos/ Jennifer Comegna/ Jennifer Connelly/Jennifer Gerrish-Lampe /Jennifer Young/ Jennifer Yuenger / Jessica Locicero/ Jessica Rerri-Bekibele/ Ji Chung/ Joanne Yi/ Johan Ståhl/ Joseph Croner/ Juhwan Seo/ Jung KimK : Kala Sharp/ Kaomi Goetz/ Kara Bedell/ Katherine Bradtke/ Katherine Putes/ Katherine Yun/ Katie Anderson/ Kelli Knepprath/ Ken Earley/ Kevin O'Brien/ KIM OKL : Laurent Menard/ Leslie Maes/ Linda Quick/Lindsey Rieder/ Lisa Sjöblom M : Margaret M Carney/ Margaret M Perscheid/Margie Majaski/ Marian Hieda/ Marion Just/ Martin Lennartsson/ Mary Miscally/ Meliss Natter/ Melissa Washeck/ Michael Dolan/ Michael Malloy/ Michael Mullen/ Michael Welch/ Michelle Brown/ Miguel Gonzalez/ Milan Wamsteker/ Miriam Sicherman/ Mounira Ould-amerN : Nakyung Kim/ Natalie Asumeng/ Nathan Lindberg/ Nel Sung/ noori chaiP : Pat Hnizda/ Patrick Armstrong/ patrick McCauley/ Paul Jeon/ Paul Kösterke/ Paul Lai/ Peter Johansson/ Pseudo Pompous, LLCR : Rachel Edwards/ Rebecca Gieske/ Rebecca Seung/ Rebecca Seung-Bickley/ Rikke Fürbringer/ Ron Pante/ Rose Merakis/ Ruby Lloyd/ Ruth KellerS : Sara Hulthen/ Sara Ochs/ Sarah Dahlen/ Sarah Just/ Sean Levitas/ Seung Ahn/ Seung Flikweert/ Seung Lee/ Shana Kaufman/ Shannon Bae/ Shannon Gibney/ S'pionage, LLC/ Suzanne AxelbankT : Tania Bello/ ted kang/ theila smith/ Theresa Kimm/ Therese Vercellone/ Traci GirouxV : Viyanca BennettW : What Ho! Studio/ william bolen/ William CorleyY : Yop KimZ : Zetta Elliott♧ Kookmin bank donation변화순, 두쉐어요가, 신필식, 김조셉, BENJAMINAN, RODRIGUEZ, KIMHEATHE, WESLEYMITCHELL, CHRISTINA, PERSAUDARANJER, WOLFCHRIST, ALBERTYN G, MIN LYDIA, 이범, 박상미, PAKANDREY, JAN(GERT), DEUTSCHLE, DE MOL FOD, LAZUR ELIZ, ROSS PAULA, MASOFIA, RICHARDMOL, 프라셀호그, YI JUNBOM, LITEMINT, WREN JOHN, BRENNANSAMANTHAJA, LAM LIH YU, KOENIG BRI. ♧ Benevity donation : Maya Haerting ... See MoreSee Less
Happy New Year!For those of you who have spent a year where 'Hello' is not an empty word.They're all passing through a long tunnel called Corona 19.Thank you for the love you sent to KUMFA despite the difficulties.Best of all, I hope you stay safe and healthy from the Corona in the new year and wish you all the best in 2021.KUMFAPresident DoKyung Kim(Megy Kim) ... See MoreSee Less
[ Press conferance for a 16-month-old child who died of abuse ]We had a press conference in front of the adoption agency Holt Children's Services(Holt) on Wednesday, December 23.The press conference was prepared by civic groups and citizens who felt sorry for the injustice of the 16-month-old Jeong-in, who died 10 months after she was adopted on October 13, and the terrible pain she must have suffered at an early age. We have come together to demand responsibility and apology for the poor adoption process of the Holt, which was in charge of adoption, and to urge such incidents to never happen again through strong government intervention.The Holt presents decades of experience in adoption as a professional. But we asked if it was only professional to send adoption quickly and a lot.The organizations participated in the press conference, including KUMFA and single-parent organizations, the Korean Child Abuse Prevention Association, KoRoot, Political Mothers, and Tak Tin Naeil.A press conference statement< Holt Children's Services, apologize for poor adoption procedures! > On October 13, 2020, Jeong-in was abused for ten months after being adopted and eventually died. In this tragic incident, her adoptive mother and adoptive father, the perpetrators of child abuse, face punishment after being arrested. Police officers who responded lackadaisically after receiving reports three times of child abuse. However, We cannot restrain our anger at the appearance that the Holt Children's Service, which was in charge of the adoption process until this incident, took no action, and tried to avoid responsibility by saying that they are contemplating what is lacking on a radio broadcast. We urge the government to establish a countermeasure for preventing recurrence by strengthening public intervention rather than leaving only the private sector for the thorough investigation and fact-finding of the adoption procedure conducted by Holt Children's Service and to prevent this unfortunate event from happening again.1. The government must thoroughly investigate Jeong-in's adoption process and get to the bottom of it!This incident could have been prevented if the qualification and post-management of adoptive parents had been properly conducted, vital in the adoption process. However, Jeong-In's adoption process proceeded quickly, with the adoption decision on the day when the adopted child and prospective adoptive parents first met. The method of verifying prospective parents relies only on subjective evaluation. The Holt Children's The Holt Children's Service said that Jeong-In was sent to the adoptive family after the adoption decision because the fostering based on the premise of adoption was not institutionalized. The attachment relationship between the adopted child and the adoptive parents can be gradually established through foster care or regular meetings. In the process, the lack of preparation of the parents can be discovered. However, in the case of Jeong-in, this verification procedure was omitted. Through this, some points were not suitable as adoptive parents in various places, such as that adopted parents had been burdened with raising their children from the first. Holt made their first home visit two months after the adopted child was handed over to his adoptive parents, and did not report the child protection agency and the police even though they discovered signs of abuse during the post-management. If the adoptive parents' verification was appropriately done, if the post-management was appropriately done, and if the adoption process was carefully carried out, the tragic death of Jeong-In could be prevented. Therefore, we demand that the government and the police conduct a thorough investigation of the Holt Children's Service's adoption process to find out the truth.2. Holt Children's Service must apologize for the death of an adopted child!The Holt Children's Service is responsible for the adoption process in this case. It has not made any official position until now because it is responsible for Jeong-In's unfortunate death. The Holt Children's Service is trying to avoid responsibility by saying that they are contemplating what is lacking on a radio broadcast. The Holt Children's Service must officially apologize for the abuse and death of a child who has undergone the adoption process. The Holt Children's Service did not apologize properly even when the "Hyunsoo" case. The foster mother wanted domestic adoption, refused to adopt it and proceeded with the adoption abroad. The Holt Children's Service must reflect on the irresponsible attitude consistent with concealment and apologize to the poor souls who have passed away too early.3. The Holt Children's Service should inform Jeong-in's birth mother of her death and apologize!The Holt Children's Service did not notify the birth mother when they discovered the signs of Jeong-In's abuse, or even after Jeong-In died of abuse. To the birth mother, who chose to adopt while hoping that Jeong-In lived in a good family, The Holt Children's Service was in a hurry to evade responsibility for the tragic consequences of their poor adoption process. If referring to this treatment, which did not consider the birth mother's at all, I can't help but doubt if Holt said that many single mothers raise children by themselves to Jeong-In's birth mother. Instead, on a recent radio broadcast, Holt said that the amendment to the Special Adoption Act complicated the adoption process, which made unwed mothers abandon their children, and distorted the fact that most unwed mothers are already sending their children adoption. They also denounce unwed mothers as unwillingness to raise children, encourage adoption, and show no responsibility for its tragic consequences. The Holt Children's Service will have to apologize after notifying Jeong-In's birth mother of the death.4. The Holt Children's Service should immediately transfer the birth records of children held by the Holt to the National Center for the Rights of the Child!In this radio broadcast, Holt Children's Service has been receiving requests from birth parents through consenting for adoption since the late 1980s and said that they have documents that can prove this. If so, we can't help but wonder why the adoption agency keeps the data only with them and refused to transfer the data to the National Center for the Rights of the Child. We urge the Holt Children's Service to immediately hand over the data they have to the National Center for the Rights of the Child so that adoptees can find their roots. And the Ministry of Health and Welfare should supervise them thoroughly.5. The government should strengthen its public intervention in adoption procedures!Adoption is a process that totally influences children's lives, and the government must fulfil its responsibility to protect children in accordance with the principle of children's rights first. The government should not leave the adoption process to the private sector. However, it should strengthen public intervention to directly supervise adopted children's protection, adoption relations, and post-management, and prevent blind spots in child protection from occurring. The government should thoroughly establish a child protection system so that this unfortunate situation does not happen again.- The government should thoroughly investigate the adoption process of Jeong-in and find out the truth!- The Holt Children's Service should make an official apology for the deaths of adopted children!- The Holt Children's Service should inform Jeong-in's birth mother of her death and apologize to her!- The Holt Children's Service should immediately transfer the birth data of children held by the Holt to the National Center for the Rights of the Children!- Government must strengthen public intervention in adoption procedures!December 23, 2020www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20201111001063en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20201111011900320www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/nation/2020/11/119_298755.htmlworld.kbs.co.kr/service/news_view.htm?lang=e&Seq_Code=158160 ... See MoreSee Less