Gabriela (Philippines)

In September 2019, KUMFA members and Gabriela activists met and formed a sisterhood relationship in Manila, Philippines. Since then, KUMFA and Gabriela have used Facebook and SNS, and have exchanged by steadily sharing the activities of the two organizations.

Gert R. Libang,  GABRIELA National Chairperson,  spent more than half of her 67 years involved with the women’s movement in the Philippines. She was
present as one of its volunteers when GABRIELA was born in 1984 in the midst of political repression
and economic crisis. Her concern with women’s rights and welfare motivated her to volunteer fulltime
with the GABRIELA National Secretariat in 2005, when her stint as Executive Director of the Center for
Women’s Resources (CWR), a research-education institution on and for women, ended. The need to
organize, raise the awareness of women and prod them into action to change their situation is greater
now more than ever given the misogynistic-fascist character of the present government. The courage of the
women that she works with in poor communities gives her strength to continue working in GABRIELA
despite rising state repression and harassment of activists.

Ping Yang (Australia)

Ping Yang is a birth mother who adopt her child.

You can see the detailed story of Yang here.