2016 KUMFA Holiday Gift Drive


UPDATE (12/6/2016) : Although we are still waiting for a few sponsors to send in their pledged donations, I believe we have found sponsors for all 105 of the kids on our 2016 KUMFA Holiday Gift Drive wishlist. Thank you to all of those you helped translate, helped spread the word, and helped sponsor gifts. Every year I am reminded of the generosity of the human spirit and the joy of the holiday season through the continued support that I see for this holiday gift drive and the enthusiastic support of KUMFA. Thank you for helping make a child’s season a little brighter this year. Warmest wishes to you and your family this holiday season from KUMFA!

KUMFA (Korean Unwed Mothers’ Families Association) is once again organizing a Christmas gift drive for the children of Korean unwed mothers. KUMFA (Korean Unwed Mothers and Families’ Association) advocates for the rights of unwed pregnant women, unwed mothers and their children in Korea. For more info on KUMFA, please visit the KUMFA FB page. By giving small, personal gifts to the children of single moms, we encourage the movement of child-rearing single mothers to grow in Korea. Of course, we also bring a little holiday cheer!  In order to get all the gifts ordered and delivered before Santa arrives, we need to find donors by December 15th!! 

Read on to see the wish list written by moms from KUMFA – This year we are aiming to find sponsors for 105 children! (some of the children are listed under their mom’s special nickname for them)


1. First, decide which child’s present you would like to sponsor. Most of the names have a hyperlink with a link to the gift the child has requested (we are still waiting on some of the links).

2. Second, send an email to [email protected] to tell us which family you have chosen to sponsor (please be sure to send the child’s name and number). This is important in order to ensure that we don’t duplicate gifts.

3. Third, send your donation:

In the past, we have offered sponsors the option of sending gifts directly. However, after some consideration, in order to protect the privacy of the moms and their children (because name, phone number and address are needed in order to send directly in Korea), we are requesting that sponsors send their donations and we will take care of the ordering for you. Most gifts are worth 30,000 KRW (about $30 USD). Thus, we ask that you send the equivalent of US$30 to the KUMFA Paypal address, which is [email protected] with a note saying which family the transfer is for OR

If you are in Korea, you may also transfer the money:

Shinhan Bank (신한은행) Account number: 110-403-352377 Name: HEIT SHANNON NELL

The website post will be updated every day. The gifts that have already found a sponsor will be checked off. Please help so that each child gets his/her Christmas wish!

Thank you!

Questions? Please contact:

Shannon Heit, KUMFA Volunteer, [email protected]

The Wishlist

  1. Seline (7 years old) – Seline is a princess who loves pretty shoes. I’ve always wanted to buy shiny princess shoes for her~ Thank you so much~!! Wishlist gift: Pink Shoes, size 200 (option: 244-LMD)
  1. Minam (7 years old) – In the cold winter I want him to be warm so he can go outside and have lots fun. Wishlist gift: Underclothes, size 70 (70호) (option: Chummy Magic Dino (첨이매직디노남세트) & MuNya Dino Story (무냐디노스토리세트) 11번가 상품번호1303549678 (link will be updated soon!)
  1. Eunho (4 years old) – Since he was a baby he loved nothing more than playing with blocks. Since he’s growing, I’d like to give him blocks that match his age now~ Wishlist gift: Blocks천재사각블럭
  1. Jihoo (7 years old) – This is my child’s favorite snack, I want to give him enough to enjoy for awhile. Wishlist gift: (link will be updated soon!)
  1. Ga-on (34 months old) – For my energetic baby, I’d like to give her warm winter boots to run and play in 🙂 Wishlist gift: (link will be updated soon!)
  1. Hayoon (8 years old) – Hayoon is a kid who really likes books and would enjoy reading this. Wishlist gift: Why book set, (option: 2학년)
  1. SooHyeon (4 years old) – SooHyeon’s birthday is December 8, but because our rent is so expensive now, I have nothing left to buy a birthday present for her. I can’t buy my child a present, so I am happy for this chance to get her a present for Christmas~ Wishlist gift: Indian Teepee Tent
  1. JiHee (6 years old) – JiHee loves Zootopia! I would be happy to give it to her for a Christmas present. Thank you so much for supporting us ^^ Wishlist gift: Zootopia (주토피아)
  1. DongHyeok (10 years old) – My Donghyeok suffers from atopy which becomes more aggravated in the wintertime. I want to give him this cream to help him sleep better at night. Wishlist gift: BIODERMA Atoderm Preventative Cream (바이오더마 아토덤 프리벤티브 크림)
  1. SeoJin (11 years old) –I have 4 children (SeoJin and the following three children are all siblings) and it is too much to afford presents to them all, so we are asking for help Wishlist gift: (link will be updated soon!)
  1. SeonMi (9 years old) – It is rather difficult to give presents, so we are asking for help Wishlist gift: (link will be updated soon!)
  1. JiSeop (8 years old) – Our situation is difficult right now so we are asking for help Wishlist gift: (link will be updated soon!)
  1. SeoAh (1 years old) – It is difficult to buy my kids presents, so we are asking for help
    Wishlist gift: (link will be updated soon!)
  1. HyeYeon (4 years old) – My daughter is obsessed with princesses, she is always asking me to give her manicures, so I would be so happy for her to have her own nail polish that’s safe for kids~ ^^ Wishlist gift: Frozen Nail Art set
  1. AyeonYang (5 years old) – My AyeonYang suffers from cognitive impairment. Painting has been a good method of therapy for her, and she really loves painting but we don’t have any paint, so we are hoping Santa Claus can bring some for us. AyeonYang is a very kind-hearted little princess~ ^^ Wishlist gift: Kids Paint
  1. SeoHyeon (7 years old) – My 7 year old loves dolls~ She takes her dolls wherever she goes, she loves them so much she even sleeps with them! ^^ Wishlist gift: Mimi Wedding Dress Wardrobe (option: 웨딩미미드레스옷장)
  1. EunChongee (6 years old) – EunChongee goes to therapy and very much likes painting in her sessions, so it would be very nice to be able to do it together at home too. Wishlist gift: Super Tempera Kids Paint
  1.  Arim (5 years old) –  She’s such a lovely and adorable girl. She believes in Santa Clause that’s why she is being a nice girl to her mom(me) and doing good things to get Christmas presents from Santa Clause this year.  Arim and the following two children (Yurim and Sunghyun are siblings). Wishlist gift: Ballerina doll (Option 5: 발레리나  콩순이)
  2. Yurim (3 years old) –  My sweet little girl, I couldn’t afford to buy what she wants so far, but I’d like her to have this present for this Christmas. Wishlist gift: Ballerina doll (Option 4: 발레리나 송이)
  3. Sunghyun (15year-old-boy) – This Christmas will be very warm-hearty winter if my son gets this present. He is such a reliable and lovely so I’m so proud of him all the time.  Wishlist gift: Clothes ( Option 5: Cream color, size L : 기모쭈리레이어드  후드티  5번/크림색/95~100싸이즈(L))
  4. Pukyjjang (5 years old) – My child fell in love with Thomas these days, She is so much interested in trains.  Wishlist gift: (link will be updated soon!)
  5. Taesung (7 years old) –He’s very much interested in fashion compared to his age. His favorite moment every day is to wake up and look around shoe rack in the house to pick up shoes and change them. Wishlist gift: Shoes (아트모아투칸  블랙 190)
  6. Gangttue” (6years old) – He likes to have the toys especially what everyone has. Wishlist gift : Turning Mecard toy
  7. Hwanhee (23months old)  – Pororo is his favorite one, and has strong interest in numbers and alphabet now. Wishlist gift : Pororo table (Option 7 : 하이그로시 축구)
  8. Yusom (10 years old)  – She likes to play darts. The following child, Yuel, is her sister. Wishlist gift : Boardgame (Option: C21-24)
  9. Yuel (5 years old) – She like to play fishing. Wishlist gift: Boardgame (Option: D21-28)
  10. Binny ^^ (7 years old) – It will be nice to be able to have shoes that are not hand-me-downs but nice new warm shoes for this freezing winter. Wishlist gift : Shoes (Option, size, color to be updated.)
  11. Doldolyiwho” (7 years old) – My child doesn’t have a lunchbox yet. The following two children are his siblings. Wishlist gift : Lunchbox 
  12. Doldoyikyung” (8 years old) – My child loves assembling Lego blocks. Wishlist gift : Legos
  13. Doldoyihee” (4 years old) – My child never had a Christmas tree, so it’s going to be amazing if we have a Christmas tree this year. Wishlist gift : Christmas tree
  14. Jihwan (7 years old) – I want to spend warm winter together with my precious son who are growing up everyday.  Wishlist gift : Boots
  15. Seoyun (9years old) – She likes to read books and draw paintings. Moreover she falls in love with Pripara(프리파라) characters so I can even picture now how much she will be so delightful when she gets this book. She wants to have Pripara #3, 4 and 5. Wishlist gift : Pripara
  16. Seula (1year old) – My baby loves to play in the water. I want her to play in a bigger bathtub from small portable washhand basin. Wishlist gift : bathtub
  17. Lovely” (10year-old-girl) – This item is hot among her age girls, so I want her to have one. ☺  Wishlist gift : Pripara bag
  18. “Cutie Yomi Yomi” (9 years old) – My child and I do not have enough time to spend together. I am requesting this board game so we can communicate with each other while playing. Wishlist gift: Boardgame
  19. Chaeyoung (12 years old) – Although Chaeyoung is 12 years old, I want to tell her that Santa does the good work of giving presents to children. Wishlist gift: shoes
  20. “Little Star” (3 years old) – I want to give a surprise gift to my child, who likes books. Wish list gift: books
  21. Youngyang (6 years old) – I am requesting this item, which my child has been wanting. Wish list gift: Legos
  22. “Thanks” (3 years old) – After turning two, my child started taking an interested in speaking and playing. I hope my child develops rich language skills. I am requesting the Tayo soundbook and Pororo word cards.^^ Wish list gift: Tayo soundbook and Pororo word cards
  23. Hyunwoo (3 years old) – My son has wanted this toy. When he sees other children with this it, he stares with envy and says he wants play with it. I want to buy him one but cannot afford it.  Wish list gift: Turning Mecard toy
  24. Haru (infant) – This will be our first Christmas. I want to set up a Christmas tree together with my child. Wishlist gift: Christmas tree (link will be updated!)
  25. Bumsoo (5 years old) – We are requesting shoes because Bumsoo’s shoes from last year no longer fit.  The child listed below, Yeona, is his younger sister. Wish list gift: shoes (color 그레이, size 180)
  26. Yeona (4 years old) – Yeona’s shoes are too small now, and she doesn’t have any shoes for winter. We are requesting these shoes so she and her brother can have matching shoes. Wish list gift: shoes (color 핑크, size 160)
  27. Yul (3 years old) – Yul wanted to ride a kick scooter and received one as a gift. However, without any safety gear, I’ve only taken him for rides around the house. Also, because he keeps getting hurt, I’ve had to place the scooter above the refrigerator so he can’t ride it. Please help me let my child ride the kick scooter. The child listed below (Geon) is his younger sibling. Wish list gift: Spongebob blue kick scooter
  28. Geon (1 year old) – My child already has severe eczema and inflamed skin. They say this shampoo is good for babies with atopy. Please help me protect my child’s skin. Wish list gift: baby shampoo
  29. “Jooni” (6 years old) – It could be because he is a boy that my son really likes robot toys. He really wants the drone gun in the animation series “Fire Robo,” which my son enjoys watching. To my son there would be no better gift. Wish list gift: Fire Robo toy (Option: 파이어로보 드론건)
  30. Jooni (4 years old) – I am a single mom of two children (sister is Yejin listed below). Barely getting by on welfare, I can’t even dream of buying toys for my children. I am requesting this toy because my heart aches when my kids stare at other kids playing with their own toys on the playground. Wish list gift: toy
  31. Yejin (2 years old) – My daughter really likes cars. Yejin’s 4-year-old brother rides the hand-me-down kids’ car that we received, and I feel bad because Yejin gets knocked over whenever she goes near the car. As a single mom on welfare, I cannot even dream of buying Yejin her own car. We have our fingers crossed. Wish list gift: car
  32. Chaewoo (4 years old) – My child really likes blocks. We want to receive this gift from Santa~^^ Wish list gift: blocks
  33. “Ddoong” (20 months) – I do not have a chair for nursing. I was going to buy a used chair but saw the call for wish lists today, so I am requesting this gift. Wish list gift: chair
  34. “Health” (5 years old) – It is winter and my daughter does not have a decent pair of shoes, so I would like to give her a pair of boots. Wish list gift: winter boots
  35. Heeya (5 years old) – We really need comfortable clothes such as pants with an elastic waist because Heeya has to go to the bathroom by herself at preschool.  Wish list gift: clothes
  36. Rah-el (9 years old) – Info to be updated soon!
  37. YoungJin (11 years old) – I want to give my son warm fluffy winter innerwear rather than thin innerwear. The child listed below, Hojin, is his younger brother. Wishlist gift: Boys innerwear (option 1, size 80)
  38. HoJin (5 years old) – I want to give my son warm fluffy winter innerwear. Wishlist gift: Boys innerwear (option 3, size 70)
  39. Yoonsoo (8 years old) – Since he is a boy he has a lot of interest in things like remote control cars and drones lately. Please help my son join in playing with his friends when they play with their drones at the playground. I think it would be such a good gift so that he can fly his drone with his friends and not just watch them play. Wishlist gift: Remote control helicopter (Red)
  40. Yeomi (10 years old) – I’m requesting a board game to give my child an understanding of money and economics. The child listed below is her younger sibling. Wishlist gift: (Game wasn’t specified but I deduced this is the one she wants) Blue Marble board game
  41. “Happy Virus” (9 years old) – I’m requesting a board game so we can have fun playing together. Wishlist gift: Board game (도둑잡기게임 )
  42. “Saranga” (6 years old) –My daughter has to go with me when I work at night since there is no one to watch her. While I’m working at the restaurant, toys from Callie and friends have become her friends. I feel so sad that I can’t buy her the Callie doll she asks for that she wants to sleep with. Wishlist gift: Callie doll (link will be updated soon!)
  43. Jang-gu (6 years old) – My lovely son grew a lot in one year. I tried putting last year’s long underwear on him and everything is too small. In the cold winter wind I would be so grateful to dress him in the warm love of a Christmas present. Merry Christmas! Wishlist gift: clothes
  44. Yoo-gyeom (6 years old) – Lately my child has been into Legos and really wants to play with Lego toys. Wishlist gift: Lego toy
  45. Joon-oo (7 years old) – I’d like to dress my child nicely for their elementary school entrance ceremony Wishlist gift: clothes (Option: 14 melan gray, size 130)
  46. Ye-ji (24 months old) – Whenever we walk along the street my daughter sees older boys in girls riding scooters and has asked a hundred times, “Mom, what is that?” and always wants to ride the ones she sees at the playground. Wishlist gift: scooter
  47. Eun-seo (8 years old) – As my daughter grows her feet are a bit big and her sneakers don’t fit. Wishlist gift: sneakers
  48. Tae-yang (2 years old) – Tae-yang doesn’t like taking baths. It would be nice to give him a bath toy to make bath time fun and enjoyable. Also, thank you for always being our Santa every Christmas. Wishlist gift: Bath toy
  49. Won-hyuk (3 years old) – I was giving my child probiotics since his intestines aren’t good and now he likes them but we ran out so I can’t give them to him now. Wishlist gift: Probiotics (link will be updated!)
  50. Joo-hyuk (5 years old)  – When we go to my family’s house my son always fights with my nephew who lives with my mom because he doesn’t let him touch his things. Wishlist gift: Innerwear
  51. Cutie” (5 years old) – My child is afraid of sleeping in the dark at night. We need a soft light. Wishlist gift: Star lamp (option ‘별’)
  52. Kongkongi” (4 years old) – I want this so my child can run around vigorously and energetically even in the cold winter. Wishlist gift: Winter boots (red, size 170)
  53. Minkyoung (5 years old) – We need big boots for growing feet. Wishlist gift: boots (205 / Blue)
  54. Onyoo (8 years old) – We only have one pair of shoes.  Wishlist gift:  shoes (B 텐우드라임하이탑 / 210 / White)
  55. Boreum (20 months old) – During this critical time for sensory development, this would be a great gift for visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation 🙂 Wishlist gift: toy
  56. Seul-ah (11 years old) – I want to get my child new boots, since last year’s boots are now too small. Wishlist gift: boots
  57. Yejun (6 years old) – My child is looking forward to Christmas, and the gift that Santa will bring 🙂 Wishlist gift: Fisher Price Octonauts toy
  58. Hyang (5 years old) – My daughter has been really interest in LEGO recently, and I thought it’d be nice to get her some. Thank you! Wishlist gift: Legos
  59. Yoonha (9 years old) – We’re still living off the same pajamas for 3 years, which doesn’t quite fit anymore, not to mention the additional holes in it. This would be a great gift for my child, who still believes in Santa. Wishlist gift: pajamas
  60. Da-in (8 years old) – My child loves decorating, and has so many dreams. I think this gift would bring a lot of joy. Wishlist gift: makeup toy
  61. Precious Mindoong” (one year old) – I’ve always been concerned about providing a healthy meal for my child. While toys or clothes would be nice, what I’d really like is plenty of warm healthy meals for my child! Wishlist gift: baby food  (#16)
  62. Star” (7 years old) – While my child has been making it through with a cheap pair of shoes we got from a yard sale, it’d be great to get a nice pair of shoes this Christmas. Thank you. Wishlist gift: shoes
  63. Mountain” (7 years old) – My child is all about LEGO these days.  Wishlist gift: Legos
  64. Donghyun (13 years old) – These are my child’s favorite books, and #1 on the wishlist. Wishlist gift: books
  65. June (12 years old) – I want to get a Geondam robot for June, who has great craftsmanship and loves LEGO and Geondam. June spends a lot of time alone, and I hope the building the Gundam can keep him company. Wishlist gift: Geondam robot
  66. Taeho (11 years old) – Info to be updated soon!
  67. Hosung (12 years old) -Info to be updated soon!
  68. Sungwoo (5 years old) – We need warm clothes for the cold winter. Wishlist gift: innerwear (07_에어로웜 내의_남아 2SET_ELS597/135)
  69. Hyojung (9 years old) – My child loves Elsa, so much that she’s always drawing pictures of Elsa. I think she really wants this. Wishlist gift: Elsa boots
  70. Minsung (10 years old) – My son has bronchitis, and often suffers from the flu, and so I’d like to get him this health drink (bellflower and pear extract). Thank you. ♥  Wishlist gift: health drink
  71. Ggom-yan” (21 months) – Ggom-yan loves the character Pororo, so anything with Pororo will make a great gift! I want to see Ggom-yan dance and sing and be happy. Wishlist Gift: Pororo Song Pouch
  72. Ji-hoon (7 years old) – Every winter, Ji-hoon has always just worn sneakers. This year, I would like Ji-hoon to be able to play in the snow, ride sleds and other fun winter activities before going back to school Wishlist Gift: BFL brand children’s winter boots
  73. Enok (6 years old) – Enok does not have many winter clothes, and always has to borrow old, ugly clothes from her sisters. I would like to be able to give Enok some new winter clothes of her own. Wishlist Gift: Turtleneck Pocket Dress
  74. Hye-won (7 years old) – Children grow so fast, Hye-won seems to outgrow her shoes everyday. I would like to get her a new pair of shoes so she can run around with her friends comfortably. Wishlist Gift: Paper Plane brand kid’s winter boots, with fur lining.
  75. Ggo-maengi” (5 years old) – We’re just scraping by and kids grow so fast…Ggo-maengi always seems to have to wear the same thing everyday. Some new winter clothes would make a great Christmas gift. Wishlist Gift: Boni Chou brand kid’s pants (please select option 1 – basic line pants, option 2 – kid’s warm fluffy pants, option 10 – slim indigo denim pants, all size 120)
  76. Nana (4 years old) – Nana’s boots are all worn out, a new pair will be necessary. I would like to be sure to give them a new pair for this winter! Wishlist Gift: BFL brand children’s winter boots (option 1 – navy color 큐벨 아동 네이비, size 170)
  77. Daerongi” (2 years old) – Seeing as 18 month olds do not like to sit down, and whenever I put them down they run off, I would like a backpack for Daerongi so I can keep snacks in it, that are within easy reach. Wishlist Gift: Kid’s backpack (option 1 choose – 미아방지윙, option 2 choose – 버블뮤슬립미아방지 네이비)
  78. Eun-chan (7 years old) – Please give my child (who is indoors too often) a soccer ball to play outside! Wishlist Gift: Pluto brand soccer ball
  79. Ha-eun (7 years old) – Ha-eun has always wanted those shoes with the wheels in them, after seeing many of her friends and classmates ride around on them. Receiving these shoes for Christmas will make her so happy. Wishlist Gift: (Option 8 in pink, size 210, 8번핑크-사이즈210) Link will be updated soon!
  80. Hwa-ni (5 years old) – Hwa-ni’s sneakers are very frayed so she needs some new ones. Wishlist Gift: Prospecs Kid’s Sneakers (size 190)
  81. Ye-uni (12 years old) – Needs warm shoes for the upcoming winter. Wishlist Gift: Ollie brand fur boots (Basic, short style, red color, Medium size 235 – 240 사이즈,색깔:☆basic,short,레드,M사이즈☆,235~240이에요)
  82. Jji-oh (7 years old) – These shoes will be perfect for Jji-oh for when they start elementary school next year. Wishlist Gift: Paper planes kids slip on canvas shoes (PK7726번, 베이지, 190사이즈, Option PK 7728, Beige, size 190)
  83. Juney love (5 years old) – This is a toy that Juney wanted, but it was too expensive for our budget. Wishlist Gift: Tuning Mecado Toy, white
  84. Elsa Anna” (4 years old) – I believe this child will get a Christmas gift because they are kind and have been good all year. Wishlist Gift: Secret Juju Kid’s “Popo House in a Bag”
  85. Cutie Angel” (5 years old) – No text Wishlist Gift: Mimi World “Suda Jaenggi Bbi-yak House” toy set
  86. Princess” (3 years old) – Princess only has eyes for this kind of toy whenever she sees it! Wishlist Gift: Aha brand bong bong car kid’s train toy (option 1 – firetruck red)
  87. Seo-an (4 years old) – I think this toy will help with my child’s physical development/motor skills. Wishlist Gift: Wooden block toy 100 piece set
  88. Jinsol (9 years old) – Jinsol needs snow goggles so she can have a more joyful winter.


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  1. Kaori
    Kaori says:

    Kaori is 8 years old and she loves reading books and coloring books. Her wish list are story books and winter jacker 150 size, or any art items. Thanks in adv!


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