March 2009 Korean Unwed Mothers and Families Association is Founded

August 2009 Unwed Mothers Support Policies Awareness Seminar

October 2009 New York Times Article (article here)



January 2010 KUMFA Launched the Article

September 2010 Ministry of Gender Equality & Family and managers in 14 local governments nationwide conducted “anti-prejudice against single mothers” training



March 2011 Living Space for Single Mothers in an Emergency “A Place to Find Hope” Opens

June 2011 Congressional Forum for Improving Unwed Mothers Support Policies is Held



February 2012 Registered as the 32nd Gender Equality non-profit organization

April-Present 2012 Improving Awareness of Unwed Mothers – Human Library Held

May 2012 Meeting with the Crown Prince of Denmark

October 2012 Meeting with Germany’s Prime Minister, Mr. Bouffier



June 2013 Debate on Support Policies for Unwed Mothers and Families Held in Seoul

August –December 2013 Young Unwed Mothers Policy Meetings and Seminars – Asian Future Forum



March 2014 Sweden MIA and Meetings – Meetings on International Adoption and Unwed Mothers with the Irish Minister of Children and Youth

April-June 2014 Inspection and Study to Improve the Alternative Care System

May 2014 Single Mom’s Day Conference Held



May 2015  Lead organization for 5th Annual Single Moms’ Day “Cheer up, moms! Smile, kids!” march and conference



May 2016 Lead organization for 6th Annual Single Moms’ Day “Make a World Without Child Abandonment and Trafficking” Han River campaign and conference

August 2016 Incorporation of KUMFA



May 2017 Lead organization for 7th Annual Single Moms’ Day, “Single Mothers’ Rights are Children’s Rights” marathon campaign and conference

September 2017 Heater Concert Fundraiser and Bazaar



May 2018 8th Annual Single Moms’ Day “A Society Where Unwed Mothers’ Can Raise their Children”

September 2018 Opening of second location of unwed mother emergency shelter, Heater

November 2018 Inauguration of KUMFA Daejeon and Chungcheong branches



March 2019 KUMFA 10th Anniversary celebration

May 2019 Lead organization of 9th Annual Single Moms’ Day, “Why Single Moms’ Day?”

July 2019 Screening the film of KUMFA Human Library

August 2019 Human Library and Film Screening by KUMFA and GOA’L

September 2019 Sisterhood relationship with Dream Come True Foundation, the Kopino support group

September 2019 Sisterhood relationship with GABRIELA, the national alliance of Filipino women south east Asia

November 2019 Organised the talk concert “Happiness”, sponsored by Seoul International Women’s Association



January 2020 Organised a lecture with Osaka Korea-Japan Single Parents’ Family Research Center

Meeting with Swedish Adoption Centre and Swedish Embassy

February 2020 Attend the meeting on the reality and improvement plan of the youth parent family

Participated in education meeting of unwed mother associations by Minister of Gender Equality and Family

March 2020 Moved the KUMFA office

The 10th in-person regular general meeting

May 2020 Declaration ceremony of the 1st Adoption Truth Day

Nation-wide network activity at Busan, South Korea

June 2020 Memorial ceremony of the former president Mok

July 2020 Nation-wide network activity at Busan

August 2020 Summer camp at Jeju island

September 2020 Lead group at the 1st Adoption Truth Day conference

October 2020 Participated the discussion forum of Jeju Women’s Development Institute

Nation-wide network activity at Busan

November 2020 Organised “Stop Overseas Adoption” press conference

Round table conference about unwed mothers with Jeju Women & Family Research Institute, Korea Institute of Child Care & Education, and Jeju Women’s Association

Organised “What is needed now is not the protected birth system” press conference

December 2020 Meeting with the Minister of Gender Equality and Family

Participated in Gyeonggi single parent conference

Participated the “Holt Children’s Service is responsible for the poor adoption process and apologize” press conference at Holt Children Service

Participated in policy discussion for poor families