2021 KUMFA Holiday Gift Drive


We are once again organizing a Christmas gift drive for the children of KUMFA. In order to get all the gifts ordered and delivered before Santa arrives, we need to find donors by December 15th!! 

Read on to see the wish list written by moms from KUMFA – This year we are aiming to find Santas for 233 children! 


1. First, decide which child’s present you would like to sponsor.

2. Second, send an email to [email protected] to tell us which family you have chosen to sponsor (please be sure to send the child’s name AND number). This is important in order to ensure that we don’t duplicate gifts. It is also fine to notate that you would like your donation used for any child who has not yet found a Santa at the end of the drive!

3. Third, send your donation:

In the past, we have offered Santas the option of sending gifts directly. However, after some consideration, in order to protect the privacy of the moms and their children (because name, phone number and address are needed in order to send directly in Korea), we are requesting that Santas send the monetary donations and we will take care of ordering your child’s gift for you. Donations to sponsor a child within Korean can be made by a bank transfer of 50,000 KRW or through Paypal (US$50 in order to cover the gift + paypal/transfer fees).  When sending by Paypal, please include a note saying which family the donation is for.

The Christmas Drive PAYPAL address[email protected]

OR if you are in Korea, you may also transfer the money:

Shinhan Bank (신한은행) Account number: 110-403-352377 Name: HEIT SHANNON NELL (I am receiving donations so that I can check each donation has been received before sending in a lump sum to KUMFA, otherwise they will need to check the receipt of each donation and I don’t want to add that labor to their to-do list).

Please be sure to let me know by which method you are sending your donation. The wishlist post will be updated every day. The children that have already found a Santa will be checked off. Please also state if you are willing to sponsor another child if the child you have chosen has already found a Santa.

Thank you!

Questions? Please contact:

Shannon, KUMFA Volunteer, [email protected]

  1. Bbomi (11 months old) – We don’t have kids’ winter clothes, so I want to give my child a warm set of clothes for winter.
  2. Harami (3 years old) – My child grew very quickly! After organizing our clothes, we are short on winter clothing. Harami will go to a nursery soon, so I want my child to have pretty clothes.
  3. Joy (10 years old) – Joy has to spend a lot of time alone. We struggle whenever my child goes to the hospital for treatment or physical therapy. I want to give my child a toy that will bring happiness.
  4. Siwoo (7 years old) – Siwoo will enter elementary school next year, so I want to give him an educational workbook.
  5. “L” Family, Big Sister (9 years old) – My child grew quickly and needs winter shoes. I hope she can have a pair of pretty sneakers to keep her feet warm through the cold winter.
  6. Seoyeon, Seojin (3 years old, 1 year old) – My kids have trouble responding to their names and making eye contact. I want to get them jelly as a Christmas present to help them practice eye contact, and cheese snacks are their favorite.
  7. Seoyoon (5 years old) – I’m a conditional welfare recipient and am unable to work due to a rare disease. I am making this request because it isn’t easy for me to get Christmas presents for my kids.
  8. “L” Family, Little Sister (7 years old) – Last year’s clothes are too small, so she needs new clothes. My princess loves to look nice. I want her to have warm clothes during the cold winter.
  9. Heomin (4 years old) – My child has become really interested in robots. All his friends in the nursery have transforming robots. He’s the only one without a robot, so I want to get one for him.
  10. Ttutti (17 years old) – Ttutti would like to have a new bag.
  11. Oh-yoon (4 years old) – I’m a conditional welfare recipient and am unable to work due to a rare disease. I am making this request as it is hard for me to give presents to my children.
  12. Sohee (5 years old) – I am making this request because my child loves to play with stamps these days.
  13. Strawberry (9 years old) – My child needs a pair of boots to keep their feet warm this winter. It’s hard to play with other kids these days due to COVID-19, but my child still needs a pair of boots for the cold winter. I want my child to be able to run outside and play happily in the snow.
  14. So-yool (3 years old)– I want to give this gift to my child who loves Kongsuni and playing hospital these days.
  15. So-eun (8 months old) – These days, my child is fascinated by toys that make lights and sounds. 
  16. Sol (6 years old) – My child dreams of becoming an artist and loves to draw pictures. Since the fall weather in Korea is so wonderful, my child wants to draw outside. This present is something that is essential for my child.
  17. Ye-ji (8 years old) – I’d like to give my child a gift of warm and comfortable winter clothes.
  18. Sonny (2 years old) – Lately my son has taken to pretending to be Carbot whenever he sees the cartoon. He doesn’t have any robot toys, so I’d like to give him one this Christmas.
  19. Seo-eun (2 years old) – My child played with building blocks at a friend’s house and really loved them. I’m making this request because I wanted to buy some for her but couldn’t afford them. 
  20. Sung (13 years old) – My child will be graduating from elementary school soon and I would like to give them a cool gift to celebrate the occasion. The shoes they normally wear are a bit worn and I’d like my child to start middle school with a pair of new shoes. During their elementary school years, I had to be price-conscious, but this time I’d like to prioritize comfort for them. 
  21. Jji-ing (11 years old) – I’d like to give my child something that they can enjoy while at home since they spend most of their time indoors due to COVID. 
  22. Haetnim’s Daughter (12 years old) – My daughter just had her second growth spurt and I’d like to give her a practical and pretty gift, underclothes. She has a twin who’s often ill, and I worry that I haven’t been able to give her all the love and attention she deserves. Her twin has developmental difficulties and though they’re the same age, he hasn’t progressed cognitively beyond the level of a 5 year-old child. He likes colorful building blocks but he’s been very sick lately and is currently hospitalized with chronic cholitis (in addition to having Tourette’s Syndrome). I would really like to get him a gift for Christmas. 
  23. mj (10 years old) – My child will be entering fourth grade and will be taking computer classes. This wireless keyboard and mouse set will help them study diligently. 
  24. Unni (6 years old) – Unni wanted to learn how to play the piano so she’s one month into piano classes. She finds it so fun and even practices at home using a paper keyboard. If she had a real keyboard she could practice with, she would love it. 
  25. Ming-gili (5 years old) – It will be winter soon and my child has outgrown their winter boots and warm fleece pants. They need warm winter clothes badly. 
  26. Organic Tomato (12 years old) – Due to the pandemic, masks have become a part of our daily lives. Because my child has hit puberty they’ll only wear black masks. For Christmas, I am requesting this necessity, a mask set. Thank you~ Merry Christmas. 
  27. Joo-ahn (6 years old) – My child is big for their age and they’re already outgrowing their clothes. This Chrismas, I’m requesting denim jeans. Thank you. 
  28. Ye-ji (5 years old) – My daughter loves Kongsuni and I would love to give her a Kongsuni gift. 
  29. Dalcomi (13 years old) – I would like to give my child a gift to commemorate the start of middle school. 
  30. Yoo-ha (13 years old) – We normally celebrate Christmas quietly but this year I’d like to make it a memorable one. 
  31. Dh (14 years old) – Despite already being in Grade 2 of middle school, she’s never once asked for brand name clothes or bags. She still uses the same backpack and shoe bag that she’s had since elementary school. When I offer to  buy her something new, she always turns me down and says she’s fine. I’d like to give her a more grown-up backpack, and I think she’d be very happy to receive one. 
  32. Happy Chestnut (9years old, sibling 2years old)Both children are children with developmental delays. The eldest child has been diagnosed with a disability while the younger one hasn’t undergone the disability evaluation system yet, but both of them have to visit the university hospital and a private center for treatment. I have to pay for the treatments, monthly rent, and utility bills every month. Realizing that after using the money for food expenses, it is hard to buy them what they want to eat, I’m already worried about what I should do for Christmas. I worry even more, since my second child’s birthday is in December, as well. It would be great if my kids could receive their presents and run around wearing warm shoes this winter. Since we’ll have to keep going [to the hospital and center] to receive the treatments, I’m most worried about the kids being cold. I couldn’t buy boots last year, but it would be so great if the eldest child could receive the boots they want.
  33. Soyul (8years old)I would like to receive a toy, so we can play together with my family. In this Covid era we’re spending time together playing online games. To be able to play games together with the family I would like to receive this toy
  34. Second child (7years old)I think it would be fun and comfy to play this multiplication game while hugging a cushion and we could have a great Christmas.
  35. Yusom (14 years old)Because Yusom doesn’t have shoes right now, she’s usually wearing sandals. I think she would be so happy to receive the sneakers she needs.
  36. Yuel (10 years old)Because my child doesn’t have thermal underwear, Yuel is wearing the clothes for going outside at home as well. Since you need to change the long underwear frequently, it would be great to have enough to do that. 
  37. Aram (9years old)As my child is getting taller, their feet also grew a lot, so I have to buy new shoes every year. Aram has sneakers, but no shoes to wear in winter, so I ended up applying [for this Christmas Wishlist].
  38. Cutie, Brave (8 and 6years old–) – [I would like to receive the] miracle number puzzle and Norwegian mackerel
  39. Woobin (5years old) – Living from one month to the next, I usually can’t get the things Woobin needs. I’m sorry [for that], so I applied [for this Christmas Wishlist]
  40. DdongPuppy (9years old)It doesn’t seem like DdongPuppy is growing, but when it’s time to buy clothes, I realize this child gets bigger every day~ Every year, every time the seasons change, they need bigger clothes. 
  41. Areum (1 month old)After this Christmas, my child has to get adjusted to eating formula. I’m currently combining breastmilk and powdered milk, but my child is eating so well that I can’t keep up with only breastmilk. I applied, so I can supplement with formula.
  42. Harin (4years old)In Korea, Harin doesn’t have any relatives other than her mother. I want to give Harin a present from Santa Clause. I want to assure her that she is the most precious child in this world and tell her despite being alone to not feel lonely.  
  43. Love (5years old) – Since winter began, my child plays a lot with snow and they do many experimental activities in the kindergarten, so I applied [for Christmas Wishlist]. The clothes I received last time got too small, so I passed them along to another mom  and applied for clothes in larger sizes. 
  44. Soondi (2years old) – “Stop poking mommy’s bum and play hospital games with Kongsun♥”
  45. RedGinseng (12years old)I wish for Red Ginseng to spend a warm winter during the last elementary school year.
  46. Soft Persimmon (11years old)Being born one year apart from her brother, she is used to sharing the clothes with him, which makes her sulk, since she’s also growing up and entering puberty. If she could wear new and warm clothes I think she’d be humming with joy.
  47. Haeum (5 years old) – My child is very interested in make-up so she sneaks off with my makeup and puts it on or draws it on with a pen. So I want to buy some play make-up for her. Thank you for helping me give her this gift. 

  48. Joojoo(10years old) – My child hasn’t grown much recently, so Joojoo gets stressed out about being smaller than his /her peers. I’m applying, since Joojoo wants to have the FILA kids sneakers which makes him/her appear taller.
  49. Jaehu (5 years old) – Hello, my 5 year old son is learning language so I would like to ask for a whiteboard where I can work together and write with him. I really really would like to give him this big present~
  50. Mimi (9 years old) – My child loves bears so much, that they say they want to receive winter boots with bears on it to wear at the Christmas party~ ^^
  51. Raong (4 years old) – I am in need to give my child shoes as their shoes have worn thin, and my child’s feet have grown too big.
  52. CongCongi (8 years old) – She believes in Santa. She is with all her heart, looking forward to seeing Santa and she wants me to tell Santa how hard she has been working at her schoolwork. 
  53. HunMin (7 years old) – I would like to ask for school supplies for my child. Thank you.
  54. Baby (13 years old) – My son will be entering middle school next year, and lately he has grown so tall. I would like to give him a gift of winter clothes in a size he can grow into, and spend a White Christmas together.
  55. Smarty♡ (7 months old) – Now my baby is at the age where they should be playing with toys but I can’t provide it and we only have one hand-me-down rattle. I really want to give my baby a proper toy for their age! 
  56. BuLee- (14 years old) – I would like to give my child a bag to put their belongings into for when they go to the academy and gym.
  57. KongKongi big sister (8 years old) – I want to give them a bag for them to carry their things to academy in.
  58. KongKongi little sister (5 years old) – I want to give them new shoes to put on and run around in.
  59. Hani /and/ Kyeoli (15 years old /and/ 1 years old) – My older child is living together with me again and I would like to give them a meaningful Christmas gift for our winter together in this house. 
  60. Gozzano (8 years old) – Hello! ^^ I am so embarrassed to say, but after procrastinating for all these years, I have never bought a board game for my child.. And these days with the corona situation, my child has been spending a lot of time bored at home and ruining their eyes with how much time they spend on their phone. ㅠ_ㅠ. I bicker with them all the time about their phone addiction, but in the end, I would really like to give them our first board game that they can enjoy and that we can spend quality time playing together.! ^^
  61. ChaeYeon (9 years old) – My child is suffering with their health as they are taking medicine for ADHD diagnosis, but the medicine is very strong and they don’t eat more than one meal a day. I would like to give a gift of red ginseng to help my child who is struggling with their health, so that they can eat and spend this winter warmly.
  62. Aji /and/ Star (12 years old /and/ 7 years old) – My children have a favorite snack, but I can never afford to buy it often for them. So I would like to apply for them to enjoy eating together their favorite snack to their heart’s content.
  63. Princess YeEun (10 years old) – Hello~ My child has suddenly grown taller and needs winter clothes that fit her so that she can spend this winter joyfully and in comfort.
  64. BoomBoomi (2 years old) – Because of having to pay expenses to help my child’s developmental delay, I haven’t been able to afford to buy them toys. If my child could receive the baby shark character that is their favorite, then they would absolutely adore it~ 
  65. Knock (4 years old) – I spent a long time thinking about what would be the most useful for my child and finally wrote down a request~ Thank you so much for doing this every Christmas!
  66. Sock (14 years old) – My child really likes mint hot chocolate. These days, whenever my child is studying, they always drink it!
  67. SeungJo (12 years old) – My child is using a headset a lot for online class, so they say that their ears hurt and asked me to buy speakers. My child really wants these speakers. And my child’s room is so cold, but their electric blanket broke. My child loves being warm, so they really want an electric blanket. I can’t buy one for them, but my child caught a cold and is having a hard time. I think they need an electric blanket and speakers the most, because they have to take online classes 3 times a week. Thank you. 
  68. Johnny (3 years old) – My 3-year-old son has never received a proper gift. There are so many days when he says, “Mom, my feet hurt.” I want to buy a new pair of shoes, not used ones, for my child who has outgrown his shoes.
  69. Gyeori (8 years old) – My child does not have any winter clothes from last year, so I need to buy them.
  70. Seoyoon (7 years old) – I am applying for this game because my child is really interested in it these days ^^
  71. My love Siyu (3 years old) – My child likes reading books and drawing pictures, but I am troubled by the way they always draw in an uncomfortable position. I want to see my child drawing pictures at a pretty desk, so I want to give them this gift.
  72. Bbo (3 years old) – I asked my child what they would like to receive as a gift, and they said they want a snack set. I can’t usually buy this for them, so I am applying for it here.
  73. Minjoon and Jaejoon (6 years old and 3 years old) – I have never put new shoes on my younger child’s feet. I want to give him new shoes, along with the same shoes for his older brother, so I am applying for them.
  74. Hajin (10 years old) – Masks are always necessary because of COVID, and my child needs winter shoes and pants for the cold winter season, so I applied for these items.
  75. Kajikaji (6 years old) – My child is very interested in natural science. These days, the air is clear, so they enjoy looking at the sky… I want to let my child know about the existence of the wide world, and that they have many possibilities to explore all of it. 
  76. Jjoonie (8 years old) – Hello. Christmas is coming, but our situation is not good, so buying one present is difficult :’( If my child has a warm winter coat, I think they can have a warm winter and enjoyable Christmas thanks to the gift sponsors.
  77. Solie (6 years old) – Hello, sponsors. My child says that this Christmas, they want some pretty shoes. Thanks to the donations of the sponsors, I think my child will have a warm Christmas again this year. Thank you so much.
  78. Jjoon (4 years old) – I am applying because my child has no thick outerwear to get through the cold winter… The thicker the clothes are, the more expensive they are, and as much as I want to buy those clothes, I don’t have the money, so I kept on putting it off… but now winter is coming. I wish to see my child’s happy face when they receive clothes as a Christmas gift, and I will be happy too when my child wears those clothes and spends the winter staying healthy.
  79. Star (1 year old) – A one-year-old child needs to develop their sense of touch a lot. I am raising my child at home because they are young. So, I can’t work, and I have to spend a lot of money on my child, and I cannot buy as many toys for my child as I would like. I hope a gift will come to my child, even if it’s only at Christmas.
  80. Ocean (6 years old) – Right now, my child is studying the Korean alphabet. I want to teach them using educational magnets, but I need a lot of magnets, so I am applying for them. I hope my child can study with the magnets and write the alphabet on their own, and I hope they are able to write before they start school.
  81. Treasure (7 years old) – Hello. Next year, my child will start elementary school. I think they are both looking forward to becoming an elementary school student while also feeling afraid. I want to give my child a meaningful Christmas gift to cheer them on. This is a wish list that my child chose themselves. ^^
  82. Sweet Rain (12 years old) – My child has always wanted this, but I can’t buy it and say that I will buy it for them later. I want to make sure to give it to them as a Christmas gift this year.
  83. Gombae, 3 years old: My child still doesn’t know about the meaning of Christmas, but I want to see them happy and give them a present that they really need. Because my child is scared of the dark in their room, I want to give them glow-in-the-dark stars. When my child is bathing, they are playing with toothbrush mugs and empty shampoo bottles, so I would like to give them bathtub toys. Finally, I want to teach my child Hangeul and the alphabet, so I would like to give them fridge magnets.
  84. Jian, 11 months old: Soon, it will be my child’s first birthday and I want to give them new clothes to wear and to take first birthday pictures. All the clothes my child has worn until now were donations, so I want to to buy them something new.
  85. Hwanhui, 8 years old: My child tried board games and asked me to buy a game, but I had forgotten about it. When I asked what they would like as a Christmas present, they said that they wanted “Russian War” (a board game) and a spinning top. Because of expensive afterschool academy costs, we don’t have enough money and usually, my child plays with donated toys, but this time, I would like to give my child something that they wanted. Thank you.
  86. Hyeonjin, 12 years old: My child doesn’t have winter socks.
  87. Ddahui, 3 years old: My child is learning to talk now and I want to talk to them while showing the picture of it on posters, but I couldn’t buy them since they were too expensive.
  88. Hyeonji, 13 years old: When my child is doing homework at the desk, it’s too dark, so we need a lamp.
  89. Hyeonjun, 16 years old: My child needs winter pants.
  90. Dduni, 4 years old: Since I have started attending classes to obtain a professional license, money is tight and I feel sorry to my child for spending so much time apart. So this year, I hope to give my child the toys that they want, thanks to your help.
  91. Sarangi (13 years) and Haengboki (11 years): My second child really likes Lego and soon, it will also be my oldest child’s birthday, so I would like to give them Lego as a present together and am applying for presents here. They like collecting and building Lego as their hobby, so I would love to give them Lego as a present, but our circumstances don’t allow me to.
  92. Seojin, 16 and 11 years old: I have four children, and it’s difficult to even buy them clothing, so I am applying here. My second child is a member of the middle school sports team and  this leads to a lot of expenses, so I am applying for a present here because we don’t have enough money.
  93. Jiyu, 6 years old: My child had asked for Lego before and I had promised to buy them after studying hard, so I think she would love to receive Lego as a gift this Christmas. When she was younger, I had to help her with Lego, but now she can build and play with them alone, so she likes it better than other toys. 
  94. Jiseob, 13 years and 6 years old: I am applying because we don’t have money. My second child is a member of the school sports team and I feel sorry towards my other children (since this leads to a lot of expenses), so I am applying for presents here.
  95. Ojyo, 4 years old: My child doesn’t attend any afterschool academy classes and is not studying with workbooks either because I cannot afford it. And because of the Covid pandemic, he has been at home instead of attending daycare or kindergarten for a long time, so his development is delayed. In a year, my child will start primary school so I applied for a present here because I want to help them study Hangeul and math.
  96. Sejun, 5 years old: I chose this present because my child is studying Hangeul and also likes drawing pictures.
  97. Jihun, 9 years old: My child likes Lego blocks.
  98. Won, 10 years old: My child likes sports, so I would like to give them a gym bag and socks as a Christmas present.
  99. Jei / Woo-ah / Won (7, 5, 3 years old) – My son really likes toy cars so a remote control car would be nice and my daughter likes coloring books. Finally, my other daughter recently started to fall in love with manicures. 
  100. Cool son and pretty daughter (6 years old) – My six year-old cuties are so much into Lego. The price range of it is extremely high so I bought a few times for around 10,000 won (=10USD) but my children adjust to other acquaintance’s Lego. It became hard to buy with my money so I am very glad that I have the chance to apply here. Thank you very much!
  101. Jun (10 years old) – My child grows up every day a bit more. He says his feet hurt because the shoes keep getting smaller. I am applying for a new pair of shoes as a Christmas gift so that he can play and jump around without feeling pain.  
  102. Woo-ya (3 years old) – My child is growing everyday so the clothes are getting smaller as well. We have some second-hand clothes but I wish to be able to give my child some new clothes as a Christmas gift. 
  103. Princess Bokdeongi (4 years old) – My daughter who is obsessed with princesses these days is wishing for a dressing table. I can already imagine how she will dress up on that table~~!
  104. Hyowon (9 years old) – Hello. My daughter is 10 years old. She had a delayed language development but since she overcame it she really loves to read books. These days she often asks me about her body and its functions but I do not know how to answer so I would like to give her a sex education dictionary and a speech habit dictionary. Thank you very much. 
  105. Sotori (7 years old) – It is actually a Christmas gift as well as a gift for entering elementary school. Usually we have to buy two at once but I can not afford it. I would be really thankful if you could help me. 
  106. Dotori (3 years old) – As a Christmas gift I would like to buy shoes which I was not able to afford before. Thanks to this chance I can apply here and be able to get my child a new pair of shoes.
  107. Jiyeong (8 years old) – I am applying here because my child entered elementary school but we still do not have any bookshelf to put the books. 
  108. Bbuingi (15 years old) – My daughter who is in middle school 2nd grade gained a lot of weight so she is on diet. She always asks me to boil eggs, potatoes and sweet potatoes.^^
    She got burned when she was young so she is very scared of fire and heat. She is always crying and tells me to buy a steamer because due to that trauma she can not cook food on her own and does not eat when I am not around.I am applying because it would be a good gift for her to take care of her body well. 
  109. Hope (7 years old) – Hello, my youngest child will enter elementary school next year.  She is full of energy so my sneakers get ruined very quickly^^;; She would definitely like it if she gets a new pair of sneakers as a Christmas gift! Thank you! 
  110. Ddaengi (10 years old) – In 4th grade of elementary school the urge to be stylish began. There is no other place to act as cool as in school but I started to think if I would be able to give her shoes and a bag, which she is that sensitive about, she would pay attention a bit more on studying. That’s why I am applying.~^-^ 
  111. Ggomuli (1 year old) – It is time to practice how to go to the toilet soon. I want to give Ggomuli a urine and a toilet underwear so that he can practice smoothly.~^-^
  112. Juni (6 years old) – My child likes to assemble Lego blocks and he loves Minecraft. The best gift for my child would be Minecraft Lego.
  113. Donghyuk (11 years old) – My child is so active that he even enjoys skiing in winter. It was planned to be used for skiing but these days he is going to school by bicycle. He says his hands feel very cold while riding bike so he would love to get it. 
  114. Narin (6 years old) – Before entering elementary school, I want to give a Christmas gift to my child. 
  115. Na Hee / 1-year-old – It’s only the second Christmas for my child this year. She was not able to sit by herself as she was such a baby last year, so didn’t give Christmas gifts last year, but this year she now has grown up to walk by herself, so I want to give her Christmas gifts this year.
  116. Kim, Tta / 6-years-old – As my child grows up, I want to make their own space, as they’re enjoying hiding from time to time. I’m not able to give them their own room but wish I could give them their own bed tent for them to open wide up to their own dream in this tent.
  117. Le A / 4-years-old  – Her clothes and jumpers became too small for her now, and wishing to give her a warm winter jacket (thick and light-weighted).
  118. Ji Hoo / 1-year-old – I found out I was pregnant when I gave birth to my child and my debts are piling up. So, I considered relinquishing my child for adoption since I was living in a motel without any permanent residence. However, after second thought I realized I was this child’s only birth family, so I’ve decided to raise this child though I’m not capable nor ready enough to raise this child since I didn’t have even the basics for a small baby handkerchief. I couldn’t provide enough for my child so far yet, and here I’m applying and wishing for my child as Christmas gifts to give him a nice pair of tennis shoes as he now learning how to walk~~^^!!  Thank you so much.  
  119. Blessings / 2-years-old – My child has a hand disability. She is a little slow for her age due to this disability which is hard and takes time to cure. So, through this opportunity, I wish to give her toys help to stimulate movement in her hands and increase and ease her disability and discomfort.
  120. Sunshine(Haenim) / 9-years-old – I didn’t get any chance to buy my child toy in his life so far. He prays to Santa for Lego toys for his Christmas gifts everyday these days. I want to see him enjoy and smile with the toys that he really wanted to have.
  121. Kkodaejang / 9-years-old – Hello, I am single mom with two children. My adorable child is growing quickly and diligently these days and wish to give her warm winter jacket (goose-down) for a warm-hearted winter this year. 
  122. Lucky Charm(Bog-deong-i) / 11months – Hello, I am single mom with two children. My child now babbles and wants to talk, so I want to sing songs to him/her and play together.
  123. Kangppongjaeng-I / 7-years-old – My child had drone experience learning classes in his school, and he badly wanted to have one, but I couldn’t afford to buy for him as I’ve got lost my job recently. ㅠ
  124. Hong Gyu / 8-years-old – Hello, I’m Hong gyu’s mom, and I was having financially difficulties due to Covid-19 to pay bills, rent, mobile phones, and insurance with my paychecks, not able to buy him seasonal fruits and clothes, but I’ve got to have this grateful information to wish for a Christmas gifts for my child this year.
  125. Min Kyung / 3-years-old – I wish to give Christmas gift to my child, a toy which he likes for his age, as he doesn’t have anything for his age.
  126. Bobo / 5-years-old – My child is so energetic and active and hurts herself as she falls down quite often when she rides her scooter.
  127. Na Hee / 4-years-old – My child only wears hand-her-downs from free giveaways and as she grows, there aren’t as many available hand-me-downs anymore. For once, I wish to be able to send her to nursery school with new and pretty clothes that fit her well.
  128. Jun / 6-years-old – My child wishes for Lamborghini remote control car for his Christmas gift this year.
  129. Genie / 10-years-old – My child wishes for a doll all the time, but I’ve always told her next time but this year I wish to be able to finally give her the doll she wants. And she wants to have #2 fingerprint proof watch film also.
  130. Bangguelping Princess / 7-years-old – Whenever we go to Supermarket, my child kept asking to buy this toy that she saw on a TV commercial. My child is an only child so she could have fun playing with this toy.
  131. Ppeomseu (15 years old) , Ggoogie (17 years old) , Happy (1 year old) – I am a single mom and hard to get a job as a single-mom, so we are going through financial difficulties. I wish for pretty and adorable Christmas gifts to my children. I appreciate your warmest hearts.
  132. Woo-bin Lee (13 years old) – Because the stationary that Woo-bin was using was damaged, he requires replacements. These are easily damaged due to their frequent use. Additionally, he needs a crossbody bag to prevent him from losing his phone and money while out.
  133. Ye-jun Chun (10 years old) – Due to the popularity of the squid game, [Ye-jun] wishes to make Dagona at home. As a result, I chose that and also a cellphone holder for a bike, as we’ve been in need of one.
  134. Seung-ha Song (1 year old) – I’d like to provide my seven-month-old baby with curious and fun toys.
  135. Chung-woo Park, (3 years old) – Chung-woo has always asked for these magnetic blocks when we went to the market, but I was unable to purchase them due to their high price. Chung-woo prefers to play with this at kindergartens and children’s cafes. Due to Chung-woo’s disability, I’m requesting this to help him develop his little muscles and imagination.
  136. Ryan (3 years old) – Since my child was born, I’ve skipped his birthdays and other anniversaries since we couldn’t afford them and I reasoned that he was too little to understand, so I’d throw him a party when he’s older. Now I see he understood the significance of candles and singing the birthday song. For this occasion, I want to express my gratitude for a chance to have an birthday-like experience with my child at Miss Mamma Mia cafe.
  137. Fangra (7 years old) – Due to my family’s economic situation, I was forced to enroll my kid in a daycare so I could work. My daughter has always been mature, never whining about her undersized shoes and clothing since she understands her mother’s plight. She is already in the first grade now. As I returned from work, I noticed my child’s feet and felt bad. She has never possessed nice footwear because she has always inherited clothing and footwear from her male cousin. I want to give her the shoes she wants.
  138. Ye-eun Kim, (14 years old and 7 years old) – I’m requesting [this] since my elder child has a smell emanating from the crown of her head. And my younger child wants a hat.
  139. Eun-chan (12 years old) – My fifth-grader has been requesting Bluetooth earphones. I’ve put it off for a long, but I’d like to offer him a gift on this occasion. Many thanks.
  140. Pretty (Yippeuny), (10 years old) – I’d like to present her with underwear that she needs to wear now that she is rapidly growing.
  141. Yul (7 years old) – I’d like to provide a meaningful Christmas gift to my child, who is about to enter elementary school. I’d like to express my gratitude to my child, who has always complimented me on applying makeup by stating how lovely I am and has always listened well to me.
  142. Min-Ttu, (3 years old). Hello ^^ We are a family of three: a six-year-old boy who aspires to be a good police officer, a three-year-old girl who aspires to be a princess, and myself, a mother who is overjoyed anytime she sees her adorable children. I want my two children, who believe Santa Claus may exist, to understand that he does.
  143. Kyeon-I (6 years old and 12 years old) – My elder child has a lot of fears, but admirably, they have developed a lot of independence in sleeping in their own room. I’d like to purchase this to help them sleep better without fear at night. And because a small child has a propensity of sleeping with their legs on a pillow, I’d want to purchase this one. Additionally, dolgona dipper sets are really popular these days. But I also want it because I want to make dalgona altogether in remembrance of my old days.
  144. Jun-woo Lee, (12 years old) – My child’s shoes are worn out. I’ve never been able to afford the high-end Nike that others do. Now that he is in the upper grades, I want to be able to give him a pair.
  145. JJini (7 years old) – My child is approaching the age of entering elementary school next year. One year of preparation has been difficult, but she has studied diligently and learned a lot.  My child, on the other hand, has been through it strongly by waiting for Christmas. I’d like to reward her with a gift from Santa Clause.
  146. Taeng (6 years old) – This is the ideal gift for my child, who is quite interested in cooking.
  147. Ppang-ttongi (6 years old) – Hello ^^ She has been growing fast, and as a result, I’ve had to purchase new shoes every year, which has been quite a burden. On this special event, I am requesting a present. I’d like to provide her with sparkling and lovely shoes as a Christmas present. Many thanks ♡
  148. Kkoing (8 years old) – Hello. I am the mother of Kkoing, a ten-year-old child. This year, I’m applying for the Christmas gift event. My child is obsessed with Pokemon cards. I’m hoping to be chosen. Due to the high cost of Pokemon cards, I couldn’t purchase them frequently. I request the one that my child wants so badly.
  149. Nam Gyo-Ha / 3 years old – He wants to be a painter and I want to give him something to help achieve his dream. 
  150. Jeng Yo-sep / 16 years old – He likes to read books and I want to get something that he would like to read.
  151. Jju-ni / 10 years old – He likes korean transformer robots but I could never afford them for him. Hope I can give him the robot as a present. 
  152. Jageun-byeol / 6 years old – He likes to draw and play with creative kits. I hope I can get one of my child’s favourite toys as a present. 
  153. Go-ji / 5 years old – In Korea, the kids need their own plates and carriable cutlery set for kindergarten. My child has only one so it’s falling apart but it’s too expensive for us to afford a new one. Our child does not have kindergarten slippers either so his socks gets holes very fast. I hope I can get socks for him too.  
  154. Yeona / 8 years old –  I hope I can get some wheelies for my child .Whenever my child and I go to the playground, my child hopes to have wheelies like other kids.
  155. Beonttu / 9 years old – My child wants to get kids wheelies, something you can see in the playground with other children. 
  156. Kim Si-won/ 13 years old – I want to get shoes for my son. He has grown a lot since he just got into middle school. This year he endured with just a pair of shoes. I hope He can get a new pair.
  157. Ho-ttu / 6 years old – Hello (: I am a single mother with a 6 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. My oldest child is a reliable big brother to his little sister and a sweet son to me. For this christmas, I hope Santa Claus could give him a nice present.
  158. Im Jun-hyeok / 18 years old – At the moment, I am undergoing rehabilitation after shoulder surgery so I cannot earn any money. Since the winter is coming and my child has a pair of summer shoes. I hope somebody could help us to get him a nice pair of shoes.
  159. Kim Ji-a / 3 years old – My child has language acquisition issues and is getting some language therapy. They told me that a sand play kit, including sand, would be helpful for her. I cannot afford to buy one. 
  160. Ddong-ggang / 12 years old – Nutritional supplements while growing up and products for adolescent acne management
  161. So-ju/ 8 years old – Clothes for kids would be great. Since my child is growing so fast I cannot afford to buy new clothes every year. 
  162. Park So-yul 170518 / 5 years old – I hope my daughter can get a nice pair of shoes. I cannot afford a new pair of shoes as she grows up so fast. Therefore, she has been forced to put her feet into small sized shoes.
  163. Juni / 10 years old – He likes to get the long-boards(롱보드). Until now he has been borrowing other friends’ long-boards. I always wanted to buy one for him but it was not so easy with our finances. If he could get the long-boards, we would have a happy merry christmas. 
  164. Su-ri / 4 years old – We always got second-hand shoes, I hope I can get her a nice pair of shoes. 
  165. Kim Ji-hyeon / 6 years old – This year we are financially suffering, we would love to get some face masks. 
  166. Bae Lin-a / 9 years old – Hello? She is the second child of three siblings. She often experiences difficulties playing with her siblings but I could not provide any nice things. I hope this time, she can get some nice presents for her christmas present. Thank you very much and I hope you have a good day. 
  167. Bae Na Woo (12 years old) -Hello! He is the first child (son) of three. The first often feels left out from his two siblings. The truth is that we, the parents, raising the three kids are not able to provide a proper gift. With this chance, we would like to prepare a cool Christmas gift. Thanks, have a good day!
  168. Bok Ah(5 years old)She goes to a ballet academy. She would like ballet clothes and a cardigan.
  169. Bbo Mi (4 years old) – My child asked for a Christmas gift, specifically clothes. 
  170. Park Na Hae (16 years old) – She is going through high school puberty. She shows an interest in nails. She doesn’t want general nail polish because they come off easily. She wants good gel nail polish. Since her classes are not having in-person classes, she has a lot of time at home. Because she is at home, she doesn’t wear outdoor clothes. She wears PJs so she requests long sleeve PJs.
  171. Lucky (1 year old)Since my child is learning how to use his muscles. He is learning to  pick up things such as blocks. I would like to purchase them but they are too expensive. 
  172. Kim Sung Kan (11 years old)My child learned ukulele at school and would like to pick it up as a hobby
  173. Jung Jin Woo (10 years old)Current shoes are old and dirty. Would like new shoes.
  174. Jung Seung Woo (8 years old)Sneakers that were bought in the Spring have wore out. New sneakers are wanted.
  175. MoMo (4 years old) -Normally during the holidays the child would hear Korean style clothes, hanbok. Because I lost my job due to the virus, I was not able to provide a hanbok. So my child only wore one set the whole year. Since they are growing, I would like a new hanbok.
  176. Bi Bi Tan Fairy (12) – Due to his mental health, he is taking medication along with getting counseling. He has refused to go to school and has suicidal thoughts. I can only work 4 hours a day so that doesn’t even cover my living expenses and utility bills. As he moves, he has been hard to watch him trying to adjust his underwear because they are too small. I request new underwear.
  177. ChaNi (10 years old) – He has found interest in becoming a cool gentleman. He has been looking for a suit and leather shoes.So for Christmas, we would like to give a cool coat. 
  178. Lee Do Yoon (3 years old)Since it is winter, my child wants warm shoes to wear. 
  179. Jung On Yoo (13 years old) – My child’s current shoes are old and they would like new shoes before entering middle school. Once when we went downtown, they asked for shoes.
  180. Kim Yoon Hee (8 years old)My child has been receiving physical therapy and needs thick inner wear to wear during the treatment. 
  181. Kim Ju Min (9 years old) – We would like to play Korean monopoly game (blue marble) together. This would help us spend a happy Christmas together.
  182. Suh Yi Rae (8 years old)The blanket that the child is currently using is getting old. We would like a new blanket as a Christmas gift and we know she will like it very much so we are requesting one.
  183. Da-eun (3 years old) – Hello. My daughter Da-eun is my third child. She often feels left out because of her older brother and sister. I’m raising three kids in a poor household, so giving each of them proper gifts is very hard for our family. I’d like this opportunity to give a really great Christmas present. Thank you and have a great day!
  184. Star (12 years old) – I want to give a pair of pretty shoes as a Christmas present to my child who is in upper elementary school.
  185. Yong-yong-yi (3 years old) – My child has to go to the childcare center every week in the winter, but it is in a place that requires public transportation. I applied for a gift because I want my child to stay warm while walking around outside.
  186. Gyeonwoo, Hyunmin, Hyunseo (13, 13, and 2 years old) – The kids have no toys to play with. Also, they don’t have good writing implements, so I requested mechanical pencils and lead.
  187. Princess Ttori (13 years old) – Last year, I was a victim of a voice phishing scam, and the police didn’t help me at all. So, I couldn’t give my daughter a Christmas present and she’s wearing second-hand shoes that don’t fit her feet. I want her to walk happily with a pair of pretty shoes.
  188. Beany (4 years old) – My child really loves gummies, so I want to give gummy vitamins as a gift!
  189. Do-hoon and Tae-hoon (12 and 10 years old) – I’ve never bought them a proper toy. They said they want this gift so much, so I really want to buy it for them.
  190. Jeong-hoo (8 years old) – My child really loves books. The regular prices for books are too expensive, so I bought some from Aladdin second-hand bookstore, but there are many books that we couldn’t get. My child wants to read this one very much.
  191. Flashy (18 years old) – My child is getting big and needs comfortable clothes. Due to our household situation, I couldn’t buy clothes often. But this Christmas, I am grateful to have support for a present.
  192. Da-ye (3 years old) – This is something that my child really wanted.
  193. Yeona (4 years old) – Yeona has a weak immune system and often gets sick. I want to help boost her immune system and also give her a toy that she likes.
  194. Liam (13 years old) – Liam wants to become a game streamer. He started attending a computer academy and says he wants a new mouse. He wants to work hard at his studies and games so he can become famous
  195. Beauty (11 years old) – My child really wants to learn how to ride a board, so I am making this request.
  196. Jjeu-ah-ni (8 years old) – Due to the reduced activity because of COVID-19, my child has gained a lot of weight. With a lower immune system and sleep problems, my child isn’t growing and is even constipated. I asked for yogurt because my child eats it several times a week. Healthy intestines can improve immunity and absorb nutrients better! My child also likes miniatures and can spend at least an hour making miniature books and folding paper. To help strengthen my child’s bottom and help with concentration, I try to provide this often!
  197. Eungkko (11 years old) – My child is in the 5th grade in elementary school and has grown quite a bit, so he spends a lot of time online for games and studies. He is also very interested in K-pop. He really wants a pair of earphones like his older brother. I kept refusing because it could be dangerous. But I thought about what might be a good Christmas present. I applied for this gift to give my child what he really wants.
  198. Ji-dong-yi (5 years old) – My 5-year-old child likes princesses and has a lot of interest in magical worlds. She waves around a twig like a magic wand and casts spells, hoping for something to happen. If Santa Claus can give her the Secret Juju Magic Wand as a Christmas present, it would bring great joy to her.
  199. Ddong-Jjooni (4 years old) – Miniforce is my child’s dream.  Every day, he imagines being part of the Miniforce, defeating villains and being a protector. He loves the transforming robots of the Miniforce and wants to be the greatest warrior. If Santa Claus gives the Miniforce toy as a gift, my child would be so happy. I ask for your help to give the gift of hope to my child.
  200. DongMini (Age 2) : Our precious toddler DongMini, who has most recently stepped into this world cannot be seen without a toy car in hishand. He discovers his new world by spinning its wheels and pushing his toy car everywhere he goes. This year will be his second Christmas. He has just learned about Santa Claus and all his magical ways and I would love to gift him his favorite toy: Cars. Thank you so much for your generosity.
  201. Bok-Hee (Age 2) : One day we went to a friend’s house which was filled with toys unlike ours. I’ve always thought it was enough to have fun with my child without toys through various play. Even so, I guess a child’s heart feels differently. It’s been months now since we visited our friend’s house and my child has been talking about that experience ever since. I can’t help but feel this weight of guilt in my heart. So I kindly ask you for toys for my dear Bok-Hee this Christmas. 
  202. Leoni (Age 13) : I would like to request a school bag for my child. Now that Leoni is in middle school, there are a lot of textbooks for each subject. It would be great to have a practical, sturdy school bag. 
  203. Bada (Age 3months) : I would love this toy for my infant son. This toy is perfect for him who is starting to roll over and perfect to play with when he is able to sit as well.  
  204. Seo-Yoon (Age 10) : On Christmas Day I want my child to have a set of warm and cozy thermal underwear. 
  205. Hwani & Harin (Ages 12 & 5) : I believe this is the best gift for my daughter who loves toys and my grade school child who loves sports.
  206. Jinseul-ah (Age 15) : I kindly request this puffer vest. My child has recently been wearing my own puffer vest and tells me it is so comfy. We’ve been sharing some clothes since my child’s build has grown slightly larger than mine. Thank you so much!
  207. Teun-Shili (Age 14) : My teenage son is very concerned about his body odor. He also got sensitive skin and acne. So I would like to request nice bath bombs or soaks for him that have a nice scent and are restorative to his sensitive skin. 
  208. Song-Ahji (Age 8) : My child has ADHD and he doesn’t like to play outside. So focus has always been a challenge but when it comes to Legos, he can focus for hours. He just loves Legos but they are quite expensive. So I kindly request Legos for my child.
  209. Narin-ee (Age 4) : Hello, my 4 year old daughter not only loves to watch me put on makeup but also pretends to put on her own face and get fancy. I think a toy vanity set would be perfect for my little beautician. Thank you. 
  210. Doe-ni (Age 2) : My two year old son has just now started to take interest in toys. He’s at the stage where he grabs and touches everything as well as mouthing objects. I would like to get him a toy kitchen set so he can explore his five senses. 
  211. Jju-ni (Age 4) : My child has asked Santa Claus for an Octonaut a few months back so when I asked again recently, hoping he might’ve changed his mind, he still asks Santa for an Octonaut. He’s been obsessed with Octonaut this entire year and even sings its theme song all the time. He’s not one to particularly want anything but this time around he is positively sure he would like Santa to send him an Octonaut. To buy a new toy when things are tough is honestly excessive but I would love to have Santa send him this new toy.
  212. Sarangi (Age 13) : My 12 year old child is asking for a shearling fleece jacket to wear under his puffer jacket for extra warmth. Although he’s only a 6th Grader, he’s already 176cm tall and weighs 60kg, so I requested this item in adult size. I also would like to add a basketball since we live near a hoop and my child would like to play basketball with his little brother. 
  213. Haen-Neemi (Age 5) : My child has grown out of his sneakers so despite this cold weather he has been wearing his summer slippers everyday. So I kindly request warm furry slippers for the winter and a pair of tennis shoes to wear next year when he starts Kindergarten.  
  214. Raina (Age 14) : My child doesn’t use a smartphone so has been listening to music with an MP3 player. Having only used earphones so far, my child requests a pair of over-ear headphones. It was an absolute joy to be able to choose our item and put it in the cart. Our hearts are full of warmth this year. Thank you very much. 
  215. Soyu (Age 7) : My child has shown increased interest and love for skating and would like to surprise my child with this gift. 
  216. Ewno (Age 8) : Having worn Crocs all summer, once the weather changed I realized my child couldn’t fit into his tennis shoes. We would love to have a new pair of shoes.
  217. Dotol (13 years old) – Since my child is a middle schooler they’ve been interested in underwear. They chose the one that they want.  They wants to wear a sweatshirt too. They said that the teddy bear design on it will make them happy each time they will wear it. 
  218. Minseong (15 years old) – Hello. I am the mother of Minseong, my 15 years old son. I applied because my son suddenly started to grow faster and the time to change his clothes arrived. Also, I applied because my son would like to listen to music but he doesn’t have a speaker. These days the cold is in trend. Please take care of your health!
  219. Jisu (8 years old) – I want to surprise my daughter with some warm winter clothes. I am in the situation that my daughter started to grow and I need to buy her some new clothes. That’s why I would like to surprise her with some Christmas clothes.
  220. Jia (8 years old) – I would like to buy her some warm winter clothes. The reason why I want to buy her some new clothes is because she is a sister of twins and she grew up suddenly. She doesn’t have many clothes that match her now.
  221. Juwon (4 years old) – Usually we did not need warm underclothes but now he started to go to the Daycare center so we need some. I would like to give them as Christmas present.
  222. Miso (9 years old) – She really wants to have some wireless earphones. Even if not some expensive earphones, but I believe she will really like them.
  223. Hanhee (7 years old) –  Since starting school she asked me to buy her a shark bag. Now she uses a bag that we received from someone else. I really want to buy her the bag she wanted for Christmas.
  224. Ttongkkangsaengee (5 years old) – She likes to decorate and paint a lot so she started to use her mom’s lipstick. She asked me to get her one too. So I asked Santa to buy one appropriate for her age. 
  225. Keonyeong (5 years old) – My child’s health and physical development is poor and she is smaller than her peers. I believe it’s because she has some development disability. But she really likes dried sweet potato snacks. Even during speech therapy, the sesion goes smoothly if we offer her some dried sweet potatoes. So I would like to offer her a box and see her happy face when she opens it by herself.
  226. Jeongmin (11 years old) – My child grows really fast and I want to buy him some new shoes. For this opportunity, I would like to surprise him with a new pair of sport shoes.
  227. Sofia (12 years old) – My child likes Legos. If she gets some, I think she will love it.
  228.  Lamy (10 years old) –   I would like to give this present to my child who has never received anything from someone else.
  229.  KkoKkoma (9 years old) – The winter clothes from last winter got smaller. My child needs new clothes.
  230. Jindori (13 years old) – My son really loves to ride a bike with his friends. I applied to surprise him with a safer bike so he can enjoy his time with his friends.
  231.  Geumttaengi (9 years old) – I am applying to play board games with my daughter during the holidays. My daughter really likes board games.
  232. Miso (5 years old) – Hello. I am the mother of a 5 years old girl. I would like to offer her a winter coat. She really likes pink, so she really likes pink jackets.
  233. Yechan (7 years old) – I am unable to work properly due to an illness, so my circumstances are just too tight to make a living. I cannot afford to buy fancy gifts for children’s day, Christmas or birthdays. I barely buy sometimes toys from Daiso. Since becoming an elementary school student, my child got interested in legos at the Robotics class. I would be proud and happy if I could offer some legos with this opportunity. I home my child’s wish comes true.