2018 KUMFA Holiday Gift Drive

UPDATE: We are still waiting for donations to be posted, but sponsors have been found for all 131 of our children this year. Thank you to everyone who participated by either sponsoring a child or sharing our gift drive this year!

KUMFA (Korean Unwed Mothers’ Families Association) is once again organizing a Christmas gift drive for the children of Korean unwed mothers. KUMFA (Korean Unwed Mothers and Families’ Association) advocates for the rights of unwed pregnant women, unwed mothers and their children in Korea. For more info on KUMFA, please visit the KUMFA FB page. By giving small, personal gifts to the children of single moms, we encourage the movement of child-rearing single mothers to grow in Korea. Of course, we also bring a little holiday cheer!  In order to get all the gifts ordered and delivered before Santa arrives, we need to find donors by December 15th!! 

Read on to see the wish list written by moms from KUMFA – This year we are aiming to find sponsors for 131 children! (some of the children are listed under their mom’s special nickname for them)


1. First, decide which child’s present you would like to sponsor.

2. Second, send an email to [email protected] to tell us which family you have chosen to sponsor (please be sure to send the child’s name and number). This is important in order to ensure that we don’t duplicate gifts.

3. Third, send your donation:

In the past, we have offered sponsors the option of sending gifts directly. However, after some consideration, in order to protect the privacy of the moms and their children (because name, phone number and address are needed in order to send directly in Korea), we are requesting that sponsors send their donations and we will take care of the ordering for you. Most gifts are worth 50,000 KRW (about $50 USD). Thus, we ask that you send the equivalent of US$50.  When sending by Paypal, please send gifted friends and family so that we can avoid paying unncessary fees. Also please include a note saying which family the transfer is for.

Christmas Drive PAYPAL address[email protected]

OR if you are in Korea, you may also transfer the money:

Shinhan Bank (신한은행) Account number: 110-403-352377 Name: HEIT SHANNON NELL

The website post will be updated every day. The gifts that have already found a sponsor will be checked off. Please help so that each child gets his/her Christmas wish!

Thank you!

Questions? Please contact:

Shannon Heit, KUMFA Volunteer, [email protected]

1) Selin (9 years old) – As winter fast approaches, I want to buy my child warm, fur shoes. I heard Crocs are comfy, so I like them best~^^*

2) Myeonjangii (7 years old) – My child’s wish this year is: “I want to have lots of toys!” 🙂

3) Treasure (4 years old) – The intense heat of summer changing to the biting cold of winter concerns me. To my baby with weak lungs, I want to give the gift of a warm winter. To start their better health by warming their feet, I want to buy them boots.

4) Handsome Guy (9 years old) – For my very active son growing up so fast, I want to give him a gift of shoes.

5) Jinsol (11 years old) – She loves dancing and singing. She might be happier when the present is of her interest.

6) Eunho (6 years old) – After I lost my job, I got decided to study for a certification and am now searching for a new job. We are still struggling financially in the meantime, but my child really loves LEGO, I feel so bad that I can’t afford it. I would be so happy if I could get him legos as a present.

7) Nayon (40 months old) – My baby has really been wanting this talking doll carrier toy and I really want to give it to her as a Christmas present.

8) HyoJeong (11 years old) – My daughter is in 4th grade and I’ve already had to buy her four backpacks. She needs a new backpack but I can’t buy one for her so I would like to get her a backpack for her present.

9) Aeji (12 years old) – It’s been hard trying to provide for my daughter with just insufficient government benefits, but I want to fulfill my child’s Christmas wish to eat her favorite snacks to their heart’s content.

10) Gabi (5 years old) – My child loves the metro and wants to be a metro driver when they grow up.

11) Heat (Almost 3 years old) – My baby was prematurely born and has had to undergo medical treatment until this day. To my baby who I am so grateful for growing up safely, I want to give them this gift that they’ve been wanting.

12) Jihee (8 years old) – My daughter just confessed to me that she envies her friend’s pretty clothes. She also wants to dress as beautiful as a princess.

13) Donghyeok (12 years old) – Donghyeok loves the winter because he loves snow. Whenever it snows, he gets up early just to step on the fresh snow before anyone else so I am requesting warm winter boots.

14) Lovely (4 years old) –For my baby who after this winter will begin a new experience at preschool, I want to pave a beautiful path for them by giving them beautiful shoes with which to walk their new journey.

15) Yejin (11 years old) –My oldest is growing so rapidly she needs new clothes. She wants comfy clothes most, so I want to give her Adidas Leggings.

16) Soa (3 years old) – It’s too hard for me to afford presents, so I am asking for help to buy her a present through this gift drive.

17) JiSeop (10 years old) – It’s too hard for me to afford presents, so I am asking for help to buy her a present through this gift drive.

18) SeoHyeon (11 years old) – It’s too hard for me to afford presents, so I am asking for help to buy her a present through this gift drive.

19) SeoJin (13 years old) – It’s too hard for me to afford presents, so I am asking for help to buy her a present through this gift drive.

20) Kangaroo (5 years old) – I’d like a lightweight stroller for my mom to use when she watches my child.

21) Kai (9 years old) – I’d like a pair of inline skates for my child.

22) Hye In (6 years old) – Please give a gift to my daughter who likes to study.

23) Mok Bang (3 years old) – My child needs a child’s blanket to keep him warm during the winter.

24) Ah Yeon (7 years old) – My child will be starting elementary school next year. My child does a lot of hidden picture activities at disability therapy sessions.  Ah Yeon needs a present for enjoyment and to help cognitive function.

25) Ji Dong (4 years old) – My child likes CarBot but since the robots are too I expensive I can’t afford to buy them often.  I’m so appreciative for this opportunity!

26) Star (5 years old) – My child has weak muscles so is unable to ride alone.  My child has been practicing riding a Trider in kindergarten and really enjoys being able to ride little by little without help.

27) Hwa Ya (5th grade) – This winter my child really wants to wear animal pajamas.

28) Bi A (8 years old) – I haven’t been able to buy the indoor shoes my child will need for the new school year in March.  I feel bad having my child wear worn out shoes so this seemed like a good opportunity to ask for them.

29) Hyun (17 years old) – My child is a high school student.  My child’s feet have gotten big so needs shoes.  Please be our Santa!

30) Princess 1 (7 years old) – It is my child’s dream to be a singer.  She’s a pretty princess who loves to sing!  Please be her Santa!

31) Princess 2 (5 years old) – My princess loves Berenguer dolls!!  It is her wish to get one for Christmas.   Please be her Santa!

32) Isaac (10 years old) – Isaac really likes Legos.  He enjoys making them in his after-school Lego class, too.  I think he’d really like to get Legos for Christmas.

33) Hyangi (7 years old) – My child is about to enter elementary school and has been practicing writing for a while.  I want to request a present to help him study.

34) EunSeo (3 years old) – Our house is cold and drafty so my daughter has persistent colds.  This winter I’d like her to be warm and healthy so I’m asking for an electric heater.

35) Beany (14 months old) – My child needs toys.  I want to give my child a present she likes.

36) Twinkle (6 years old) – I want to give my child Jelly Beads for Christmas.

37) Taekwon Boy (9 years old) – Since my son is 9 years old I chose a useful gift rather than a toy.  Baduk seems to be useful in after school programs and it is time to buy him a new backpack for the new school year.

38) Gaengi (8 years old) – Please give my child warm shoes to keep their feet warm during the winter.

39) Hwanhee (5 years old) – My child sees the things that other kids are playing with and says he wants to buy it. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t go to daycare due to being hospitalized, but his fine motor development is late. I’m applying for this because if he maneuvers this, it seems like it would help. Thank you.

40) Yooel (7 years old) – My child really likes Legos.

41) Yoosom (12 years old) – My child really likes board games.

42) Happiness (7 years old) – My child needs 2 pairs of long underwear to be warm during the winter.

43) Seungbin (9 years old) – Seungbin absolutely wants to receive this gift because he is totally obsessed with Minecraft these days. ^^

44) Smart Hu (9 years old) – My child always wanted to receive this mini drone.

45) Smart Kyung (10 years old) – My child needs warm sneakers for winter.

46) Smart Hee (6 years old) – My child has arrhythmia, so I want to feed my child healthy food.

47) Hayool (30 months and 3 years old) – My child has a weak immune system, so they get sick often and it makes me so upset. Please, if they could eat probiotics and strengthen their immune systems, I hope they won’t get sick.

48) Jihwan (9 years old) – This is a book bag that I was going to give to my child when he was a bit older, but as my child has set his standards higher, he says he wants this book bag. I’m applying for this with the hope for my child to enjoy going to school with a new bag. ^^

49) Harin (11 months old) – I am picking a toy that would be good for my child, who is full of curiosity. Thank you for the Christmas gift.

50) Dohoon (9 years old) – My child really wants a new bag for 3rd grade.

51) Taehoon (7 years old) – Next year my child will be in 1st grade of elementary school… I want to give my child a gift for starting school.

52) Yooni (11 years old) – Yooni is really interested in ball-jointed dolls, and she wants to become a clothes designer for ball-jointed dolls when she grows up. She would like to receive a ball-jointed doll as a gift and try making doll clothes out of leftover pieces of cloth at home.

53) Vely (12 years old) – The weather has gotten much colder. They say that this coming winter will be even colder, so I applied for this because I want to give a warm padding coat to my child, who is sensitive to the cold, so my child can spend a warm Christmas and a warm winter. ^^

54) Cutie Yomi Yomi (11 years old) – My child likes to make and fix things. She has started to collect tools one by one from Daiso and says that the gift she wants the most is a tool set~ Thank you for giving my child a great Christmas present~ ^^

55) Healthy (8 years old) – My child really wants some Legos, but I can’t buy them because the price is so expensive. If my child receives Legos for Christmas, he would like it so much.

56) Thanks♥ (5 years old) – My child is a lively girl who really likes dinosaurs, so she is going to the library to read dinosaur books. I wish she could easily look at the dinosaurs she likes at home, too.

57) Ggomi (4 years old) – As my child has grown from a baby to a toddler, she enjoys role-playing such as playing with dolls, but if she had a doll house, my child could enjoy playing even more.

58) Green Angel (3 years old) – My child suffers from gastroenteritis. I want to help her become healthy.

59) Puppy (5 years old) – My child is envious of friends with kickboards.

60) Yeondaengi (6 years old) – We really need this because it is getting cold and my child has outgrown last year’s winter clothes.

61) Seoyoon (5 years old) – My child has been begging Santa Claus for a gift for the past year.

62) Yirae (5 years old) – My child will be warm in these boots this winter. Thank you.

63) Juni (8 years old) – A robot transformer toy from a comic that my child liked as a young child. The comic recently returned after a long hiatus. My child is thinking back to the days when he loved this comic and really wants a toy, so we are asking Santa for a toy.

64) Yedongi (4 years old) – My 4-year-old daughter does not eat much, so she is small. The other month she had a physical exam, and we were warned that my child is too small. However, I can’t afford to buy her vitamins. I would like to feed her vitamins so that her appetite increases.

65) Daebak (8 years old) – Lately my child has been interested in Legos!

66) Little Puppy (6 years old) – My child is now old enough to spin tops so I am requesting these kinds of toys.

67) Angel (7 years old) – My daughter has been asking for a toy for the past year, but my financial situation never improves. I feel bad for saying, “Next time, next time,” so I am requesting one as a gift for my daughter.

68) Chaneunim (7 years old) – She has always loved cotton candy so she keeps begging me to buy her a toy cotton candy maker. But because it was so expensive, all we could do was appreciate it from afar. I am requesting this for her present.

69) Jisu (6 years old) – I am requesting this tent so that my child can play inside of it and have some personal space. I would like to provide this gift because Jisu expects a gift from Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus every year on Christmas.

70) Jia (6 years old) – I am requesting this gift for my child, who enjoys playing at the playground and playing on the slide. My child begs me to let her play whenever we pass the playground, so we need a slide. Thank you.

71) Joowon (2 years old) – I organize the toys my child leaves around, but there is no end to the organizing. I am requesting this so that my child and I can clean up together and so I can teach my child the good habit of cleaning up. Thank you.

72) Siwonhee (11 years old) – I am requesting a gift of thermals so my child can be warm this winter.

73) Jihoon (9 years old) – Jihoon underwent play therapy and made big improvements by playing board games. Lately my child often asks me to play board games. I am requesting this because the only board game we have at home is Blue Marble (Monopoly).

74) Treasure Child (4 years old) – I am not at home much because I am working toward living independently, and my child always misses me. I hope that with this gift my child will brave the winter happily and joyfully.

75) Miso-El (11 years old) – My child is growing and wants to explore music. I want to give my child the gift of music and sound.

76) Ppoppi Choi (12 years old) – Ppoppi enters middle school next year. Ppoppi dreams of starring in musicals, prefers pop music to K-Pop, and wins first place in the school pop song contest every year. I want to help my child with singing practice.

77) Hajin (6 years old) – Once a month my child goes on school field trips so I would like to buy a lunch box to pack hot food in.

78) “Lovey” (8 years old) My child really wants a toy but I can’t afford it so I decided to ask for it here.

79) “Too-too” (age 14 months) – My child just had their first birthday. I haven’t even been able to buy one simple book for my baby. I want to buy a complete set of books but they are more expensive than I thought. All the books we have now are in tatters. It would be wonderful if our wish was granted.

80) “Neo J” (10 years old) – My son’s shoes have always been hand-me-downs from the neighbors or used ones we bought at flea markets. He asked if I could buy him some shiny new sneakers and I told him I would pray for them. I hope his wish comes true.

81) “Hadoongie” (age 8) – My child really likes board games but I can’t afford to buy one so I am asking for one here.

82)“Brown” (age 10) – My son loves to play baseball with his friends, so I would love to buy him a glove. It would be so great if he could have fun playing ball with his neighborhood friends. The gift would mean so much to him.

83) “Ookie” (age 3) – My child really enjoys making things out of clay and play dough. My child’s fine motor skills are a little bit lacking so playing with clay or play dough will help develop these skills while having a great time making things with Mom.

84) “Knock” (age 14 months) I would like a present that would help build up my child’s immune system so I made a request here. Thank you!

85) “Sack” (age 12) Our house is up on a mountain so when my child walks to school it is very cold. I would like to get some hot packs so my child can stay warm while walking to school.

86) June Woo (age 9) My child is growing so fast, so I would like to get him some new clothes.

87) Eun Seo (Age 10) My child is growing and growing and her clothes are getting too small. Because of our circumstances I have not been able to buy her new clothes so I made a request here.

88) “Binny” (31 months) A while ago we went to my friend’s house and my child really enjoyed playing with my friend’s son’s magnetic blocks. I had a hard time convincing my child it was time to go home because playing with the blocks was so much fun. This winter I think the magnetic blocks would be the perfect gift for my child.

89) “Cutie” (Age 9) My child really likes baseball and it would be really great if we could exercise and play together.

90) Jae Ha (age 2) When I put on children’s songs, my child really loves to dance. I play songs on my phone, but now my child thinks the phone is a toy. I would like to buy my child a toy that they can touch that plays children’s songs.

91) Gabriella (age 6) My child really likes playing with blocks. She said she wants to try building cool things out of Legos. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

92) Raphaela (age 16) My oldest child’s feet have grown suddenly so all of her shoes are too small now. Since I have a second child that is much younger than the first, I haven’t always been able to give my oldest as much attention as I would like to. She’s still so young… I feels so bad so I would like to do something for my oldest to make it up to her.

93) Geon Yeong (age 27 months) My child still can’t speak so we have started speech therapy. Geon Yeong’s favorite thing to do is listen to children’s songs. Listening to children’s songs should really help with my child’s speech development. Thank you!

94) Seo June (age 4) My child is 4 and he loves the Starfina Helicopter transforming robot from Hello Carbot. It’s a toy that changes from a helicopter to a robot. Seo June really loves it, and I would love to see his smiling face if he gets one.

95) Joo-ahn (3 years old) – Because of the state of the economy, I am unable to buy my son a present even though he has been begging me.

96) Yoon-hee (5 years old) – Yoonhee has a disability, which means that Yoonhee is unable to walk, but Yoonhee really likes to run when I hold onto Yoonhee’s chest.

97) Won-hyuk (5 years old) – My child is short for Won-hyuk’s age, and I would like for Won-hyuk to grow taller, so I am hoping to feed Won-hyuk red ginseng tonic for kids.

98) Jjing-jjing (7 years old) – The winter boots from last year are too small now.

99) Yoo-ri (3 years old) – My child really likes “Hello Carbot” these days. We have a hand-me-down but it’s broken, so I would like to buy Yoo-ri a new one.

100) Hye-ran (6 years old) – We would like to spend a warm winter.

101) Eun-chan (9 years old) – We need a bag that can hold personal items that we need to carry around during winter break.

102) Mi-so (2 years old) – Though my child is a girl, she really loves cars, especially buses. It saddened me to see her really wanting to play with a “Tayo the Little Bus” parking lot playset. But I just can’t afford it.

103) Kong-soon (6 years old) – My child earnestly wants a present for Christmas.

104) Kong-kong (3 years old) – My child wants a present that they will like for Christmas.

105) Jwi-kong (7 years old) – We have far too few winter clothes.

106) Ah-jung (8 years old) – Since entering first grade, Ah-jung has moved on from childish toys and now shows interest in magnets. After seeing this magnet cube set on YouTube, Ah-jung has begged me to buy them several times but haven’t been able to buy them.

107) Jjang-dol (10 years old) – My child is exceptionally creative and observant. There’s nothing Jjang-dol glosses over, including books and TV. Currently, Jjang-dol is very interested in Marvel comics and has been asking for Marvel books and Legos as of late.

108) On-yu (10 years old) – I bought my child a ball-jointed doll (or super dollfie) because On-yu wanted to have one, but now On-yu wants to try putting on different clothes on the super dollfie.

109) Som-ee (3 years old) – I’ve been regretful because I only show Som-ee many YouTube videos as my child doesn’t have many toys. I noticed that Som-ee being envious of a baby doll that Som-ee saw at a friend’s house.

110) “Hee-mang” (Ye-ji) (18 months old) – We don’t have any toys so we are requesting some for Christmas.

111) “Hee-mang” (Kyung-hee) (18 months old) – I think my child will like a present for Christmas.

112) Suh-yool (8 years old) – My child has recently taken an interest in Legos. I’m so thankful for the supporters that will allow my child to have a fun time with the gifts!

113) Ha-eun (7 years old) – Ha-eun has been envious of friends who have been riding since Ha-eun was little, but I just couldn’t afford one for her. I think my child will be extremely happy to receive one.

114) “Choong choong” (7 years old) – Sings that she wants a toy

115) “Esther” (14 years old) – I need a book bag!

116) “Seolah Jjang” (13 years old) – Her bag is worn out. We need a new bag to use when she goes to middle school next year ^^

117) “Bokshilri” (24 months old) Whenever we go to the supermarket, they don’t even think about leaving the blocks table, so I’ve always wanted to buy them one. I feel like it would be such a good gift for my child. Thank you.

118) “Jjoy” (30 months old) I am applying again this year because her shoes that are one size too small. I want to show her that Santa is real.

119) “Hyang” (7 years old) For Christmas, I’d like to give a two-story Mimi house for my child that likes Mimi (doll)

120) “Yoon-ha” (11 years old) We received the medical exam results that she is bow-legged, so she needs shoes that have sturdy heels and a size bigger than her normal size. It was urgent, so she’s wearing my shoes now. The shoe insert is about 350k won, so I’d like to use this opportunity to get her shoes and see that she wears them well.

121) “Leonsia” (10 years old) I’d like to spend fun times with her, not by television or smartphones.

122) “si-woo” (4 years old) I’d like to wish Siwoo a happy 4th Christmas

123) Ji-hoon (7 years old) My child has always wanted a remote control car.

124) Seung-yi (7 months old) I want to give my baby a really good gift this Christmas, the first pair of shoes she wears.

125) Min-seon (10 years old) Because we live in a household with many children, we’ve always had hand-me-downs from here and there, and I’ve never gotten to buy them new clothes.

126) Mi-jung (9 years old) My child really likes Zzanggu, and I really want to get him the Zanggu beddings set for Christmas~ Thank you

127) Sarangi (7 months old) It’s their first Christmas that they’re having since being born and I would like to get them a nice present. Thank you.

128) Jinsang (4 years old) My child’s birthday in December also, as well as Christmas. And I’ve never been able to properly celebrate the month with him because of a lack of time.

129) “big daughter” (12 years old, fifth grade) My older daughter is turning 13 soon. The back pack that she carries around is worn out and she wants a new one. If I have the opportunity, I’d really like to see that she gets a present of a good bag.

130) “little daughter” (4 years old) She saw her friend’s shoes with characters on it and she tried to put them on. She’s grown up so quickly and I wish we could have a pair of shoes with characters on it that she likes.

131) “Wool-thuh Ye-thuh” (10 years old) I would like Seo-young to know that there are other people to tell her Merry Christmas other than her mom. I want her to know and feel that.