2017 KUMFA Holiday Gift Drive

Final Update for 2017 KUMFA Holiday Gift Drive:

Sponsors have now been found for all 110 of our KUMFA kids this year! If you are still interested in including KUMFA in your holiday giving this year, donations to the Holiday party for KUMFA families are also greatly appreciated! Thank you again to our amazing supporters for helping create a little bit of extra special holiday cheer for a young child this year!

KUMFA (Korean Unwed Mothers’ Families Association) is once again organizing a Christmas gift drive for the children of Korean unwed mothers. KUMFA (Korean Unwed Mothers and Families’ Association) advocates for the rights of unwed pregnant women, unwed mothers and their children in Korea. For more info on KUMFA, please visit the KUMFA FB page. By giving small, personal gifts to the children of single moms, we encourage the movement of child-rearing single mothers to grow in Korea. Of course, we also bring a little holiday cheer!  In order to get all the gifts ordered and delivered before Santa arrives, we need to find donors by December 15th!! 

Read on to see the wish list written by moms from KUMFA – This year we are aiming to find sponsors for 105 children! (some of the children are listed under their mom’s special nickname for them)


1. First, decide which child’s present you would like to sponsor. Most of the names have a hyperlink with a link to the gift the child has requested (we are still waiting on some of the links).

2. Second, send an email to [email protected] to tell us which family you have chosen to sponsor (please be sure to send the child’s name and number). This is important in order to ensure that we don’t duplicate gifts.

3. Third, send your donation:

In the past, we have offered sponsors the option of sending gifts directly. However, after some consideration, in order to protect the privacy of the moms and their children (because name, phone number and address are needed in order to send directly in Korea), we are requesting that sponsors send their donations and we will take care of the ordering for you. Most gifts are worth 30,000 KRW (about $30 USD). Thus, we ask that you send the equivalent of US$30 to the KUMFA Paypal address (Please send gifted friends and family so that we can avoid losing the Paypal fees), which is

[email protected] with a note saying which family the transfer is for

OR if you are in Korea, you may also transfer the money:

Shinhan Bank (신한은행) Account number: 110-403-352377 Name: HEIT SHANNON NELL

The website post will be updated every day. The gifts that have already found a sponsor will be checked off. Please help so that each child gets his/her Christmas wish!

Thank you!

Questions? Please contact:

Shannon Heit, KUMFA Volunteer, [email protected]

  1. Star (8 years old) – We only can afford cheap shoes from the market, so I applied here so that I could give to my daughter a nice pair of shoes. Wishlist gift: Rainbow Sneakers (레인보우 200).
  2. Beani (8 years old) – My Beani really wants a drone. He has been so eagerly looking forward to Christmas in the hopes of getting one! Wishlist gift: Black Drone (LS-129 블랙).
  3. Baby Bear (3 years old) – She loves rabbits and she is always looking at dolls. I want to give her the toy that she will absolutely love ^^ .Wishlist gift: [미미월드]비밀토끼 츄츄 아기토끼/깡총깡총 비밀친구 (Link to be updated)
  4. “Knock-Knock” (7 weeks old) – After Christmas I will start to feed baby food, so I applied here for this 🙂 Wishlist gift: Glass baby food jars (6 pack).
  5. SakSsak (11 years old) – When going to hakwon (after school classes) or going to play sports, I want him to be warm. Wishlist gift: Hot Packs, a 50 pack of 140g individual hot packs.) 하루온팩 대용량 손난로(140g) 50팩  (Link to be updated)
  6. Hyojeong (10 years old) –Wishlist gift: A pencil sharpener. (Link to be updated)
  7. Yeji (4 years old) – Lately my baby is obsessed when she sees mommy putting on makeup or putting on nail polish. ^ ^ When I asked her what she wants she insisted she wants Princess nail polish. ^ ^ Wishlist gift: Disney Princess kid’s nail polish (18 set).
  8. Hyang “flower” (6 years old) – She loves the color pink. For a Christmas present I’d really love to get her pink shoes. Thank you. Wishlist gift: Pink shoes (option: 핑크 / size 200)
  9. Chan (13 months old) – I couldn’t give my child a proper 1st birthday present, so I want to take this opportunity to give them a present. Wishlist gift: Krong backpack (option크롱미아방지가밭 ).
  10. “DongDongee” (8 years old) – My son is very cold in the winter and asked me not for a scarf but a neck warmer ^ ^. Wishlist gift: Nike kids Neck Warmer
  11. Eunho (5 years old) – Lately he says he doesn’t want to leave mommy and go to preschool. I just want to cheer up his little heart with a gift. Wishlist gift: Lucky Box toy (option 1)
  12. BongSoon (2 /3 years old) – As she is getting treatment for developmental retardation, I want to demonstrate role playing with her at home. Wishlist gift: Kongsooni Café set (콩순이 알록달록 카페놀이).
  13. Gabi (4 years old) – He loves these transforming robots so so much. Wishlist gift: 3 Micro CarBots (마이크로 아반떼 프론 경찰차, 마이크로 스타렉스 댄디 구급차, 마이크로 벨로스터 스카이 S.W.A.T).
  14. Hayoon (9 years old) – After coming home from school we have nothing to play together. I feel like it would be nice to have a board game that we can play together, so I applied here. Wishlist gift: Rummikub Infinity (option 02. 루미큐브 인피니티)
  15. Soohyeon (5 years old) – I am still in training at my workplace so we don’t have income. My baby’s birthday is December, so they would be happy if I could give them a present for Christmas. Wishlift gift: Mommy and Me blue star couple backpack.
  16. Donghyeok (10 years old) – A head lantern please. We go to the shore at night to dig up clams, and we ride on a bike, this would be useful~ Wishlist gift: Head Lantern (RJ-6000).
  17. Suh-jin (12 years old) – I like to get Suh-jin a new clothing this winter. (her and I we wear same size and we do share most of our clothes) / Wishlist gift: clothes (Link to be updated)
  18. Suh-hyun (11 years old) –My daughter loves dolls so much even she’s 11years old. I love to get her some new pretty dolls from Gmarket during this christmas season. / Wishlist gift: dolls (Link to be updated)
  19. Ji-sub (10 yrs old) – Jisub is quite shy, an introvert kid and he likes to have his toy/doll when he goes to bed. / Wishlist gift: dolls (Link to be updated)
  20. Suh-ah (2 yrs old) – Seo-Ah likes an elephant doll/toy and I hear animal dolls are good for child’s emotional well-being. / Wishlist gift: elephant dolls (Link to be updated)
  21. Hae-yeon (5 yrs old) – These days my daughter, Hae-yeon is into coloring books and I like to get her “Rapunzel coloring book” for her Christmas present. Wishlist gift : #2 – Rapunzel mimi hair-coloring book
  22. Ah-Yeon (6 yrs old) – I understand that animals/pets are very helpful for children with developmental disorder but at the moment it’s little difficult for me to have a real pet in our house so instead I like to get her this ‘moving puppy toy’ from Gmarket for her christmas present.
  23. Happiness (8 yrs old) – My dauther loves playing with makeups, dressing up, decorating, etc I like to get her this ‘makeup play kits for children’ from 11st market for this christmas. Wishlist gift : Secret Juju – Make-up handbook
  24. Sung-hyun (16 yrs old) – My son’s bedroom is quite drafty and gets quite chilly especially during the winter time. We are trying to save heating bills as much as possible and this electronic heating blanket would be a perfect christmas gift for my son. Wishlist gift : #12) Han-il stylish electric blanket- gray stars
  25. Ah-Reem (6 yr old) – Please be a Santa to my daughter this Christmas. I want to see my daughter’s happy face getting her christmas present one that she really wanted over the year. She’s been very good girl over the year. Wishlist gift : #4) Ong-al-ee Kong-kong-ee
  26. Yoo-lee ( 4 yrs old) – My daughter will be head over heels when she gets this christmas present from Santa. She’s been wanting to have this ‘toilet training doll’ for this christmas. Wishlist gift : #5) Toilet training doll, Kong-kong-ee
  27. Soo-hyuk (6 yrs old) –Soo-hyuk loves playing with water and this ‘submarine spray station’ would be perfect gift for him this christmas and he will enjoy it playing with his friends. Wishlist gift : Option #1 : submarine spray station
  28. Joon (10 yrs old) – Ever since I’ve moved to Seoul from country side I didn’t get a chance to get my son a new pair of pants and now it’s becoming a three-quarter length pants. I think this christmas is really good time to get him a brand new pair of pants. WIshlist gift : #14 Abel pants – size 15/ #01 Abel man-to-man – size 15
  29. Ha-Nah (18 mths old) – Hana is into role play these days.
  30. Tae-sung (8 yrs old) – Tae-sung is still into toys. He loves playing with robots, toy-guns, top spinning game, etc. I was looking for something that he can play with me/or his friends, and found this perfect Mini-pool(billiards) toy
  31. Kyung-won (7 yrs old) – Every year, my child is waiting for Santa and I don’t want to disappoint him this year either. Please show him the Christmas spirit with your warm hearted x-mas gift. / WIshlist gift : 4029 span-ankle-walker/ size- 190/ color- black
  32. HwanHee (4 years old) – He loves to play with this at daycare so I wanted him to be able to play with it at home as well. Thank you. Wishlist gift: Dinosaur Blocks
  33. Yoosom (11 years old) – My child loves Lego and would love this. Wishlist gift: Sweet Home Lego Set (option: 19 (스위트홈).
  34. Yooel (6 years old) – My child loves Lego blocks so he will really enjoy playing with this. Wishlist gift: Lego Knights Set.
  35. Handsome Jihoo (8 years old) – So he can grow into a valiant man. Wishlist gift: Multivitamin.
  36. ChaeHi (5 years old) – I just wish for my child to be healthy. Wishlist gift: Yogurt bacteria powder.
  37. Smarty HanGyung (9 years old) – Mario is their favorite! Wishlist gift: Mario Toy.
  38. JiHwan (8 years old) – I’ve never been able to actually buy a real Lego for my child. My Hwani would be so happy to get this ^^ Wishlist gift: Lego set (#70910). (Link to be updated)
  39. SeoYoon (10 years old) –She’s 10 years old but really wants a Barbie doll. I told her that Santa would bring her a Christmas gift if she was good. She has been studying hard and has been very kind to everyone. Wishlist gift: Barbie doll + extra dress and shoes. (doll) , (dress) http://gmkt.kr/gwSgeu , (shoes) http://gmkt.kr/gwVCm9
  40. Bulee (11 years old) – It is becoming a cold winter and I want her to have a thermos so that her winter will be spent warmly. ^^♡ Wishlist gift: Pink Thermos (option: 분홍).
  41. Honey (4 years old) – I want to give them this gift so they will have healthy teeth. Wishlist gift: Baby Toothbrush pack.
  42. Thankful (3 years old) – All we have are hand-me-down blocks but my child plays so well with them, I want them to be able to make bigger constructions. Wishlist gift: Shape Blocks
  43. Haru (2 years old) – They are suffering from a bad cough. I wish for them to be healthy through the winter. Wishlist gift: Kids Health Drink.
  44. BeomTengi (6 years old) – Their feet are growing so fast, we are always running out of shoes that fit! Wishlist gift: Winter boots (boot option: pk7846 size:200).
  45. Yeondengi (5 years old) – She always has to wear her brother’s worn out boots. They are all dirtyl and worn, and not pretty.. Her only boots are always falling apart so says she wants new boots!! Winter boots (boot option: pk7846 size:190).
  46. Seoyoon (4 years old) – She loves dolls and loves changing the doll’s clothes. Wishlist gift: 공주세트D_핑크블루. (Link to be updated).
  47. Pine Needle (4 years old) – They envy other kids with light-up shoes, so I applied to give them these to wear in winter. Wishlist gift: LED Light –Up Shoes (option1: LED베이직, option2: 블랙, size:165(27).
  48. Pool Ep (2 years old) – I asking for moist tissues for my child. My child’s skin is very sensitive so I have to clean it frequently.
  49. Junny (6 years old) – From a young age my child has really loved balloons and still does. Since there was a new balloon toy that came out my child has been wanting Santa to bring the balloon toy for Christmas.  Wish list item: Unis balloon maker
  50. Junee (5 years old) – As I raise my child alone the most difficult time is their birthday since I am unable to buy a gift.  Christmas is something that has just came and went and this year if my child can receive a gift they will really enjoy it. Wish list item: Turning Mecard
  51. Yea Dong (3 years old) – As I raise my two children by myself I cannot buy them birthday presents. :0( So if they can receive a Christmas present they will enjoy it and be so thankful! Wish list item: First Elsa Princess Pink size 5
  52. Ji Mang (7 years old) – At preschool my child does work practice and as a result said that if they can learn more magic they will be so happy. This Christmas if I want to be able to give my child magic tools. Wish list item: Magic set
  53. Princess (6 years old) – As winter comes I want to be able to provide warm shoes. Wish list item: Boots Navy size 190.
  54. Son (2 years). They have no toys and winter is coming. Wish list: Family swing
  55. Hope (6 years old) – As my child gets bigger there is more that my child wants. My child really likes dinosaurs and also a kit that they can do science with.  If anything, I want to be able to give my child this present. Wish list item: Dinosaur volcano set
  56. Da Soom (3 years old) – Due to rent money it is difficult to get a Christmas present. I am asking to help and send my child some happiness with this gift.  Wish list item: Music pad
  57. You and Me (7 years old) – My child really wants this item. Wish list item Manicure shop 14th item
  58. Kwang Young (9 years old) – These days my child’s stomach is getting chubby and is gaining some eight. Every time I touch their stomach it’s suprising and also fun.  If it’s possible to get some underwear for the cold weather.  Wish list item: Underpants, size 75
  59. June Woo (8 years old) – My child loves books and its hard to purchase them. Please buy my child the 1-5 series books.  If my child receives new books they will really like it.
  60. Seo Bin (19 months) – In winter Seo Bin doesn’t have a hat to wear.
  61. San (8 years old) – My child loves books and I want to be able to give them books.
  62. Seo June (3 years old) – I need to dry him off quickly after his bath so he doesn’t catch a cold, but he hates being dried off with a towel. He always just wants me to hold him after his shower, so I would like to get him a bathrobe so that he still stays warm and dry after his bath and doesn’t catch a cold.
  63. So Yoon (5 years old) – She likes imaginative play and role-playing games with stuffed animals and dolls. She doesn’t have a younger sibling and we can’t raise a pet so I would like to give her a pet toy to raise.
  64. Wonhyuk (4 years old) – My child likes this brand of apple juice. I want him to be able to drink as much as he wants. Wishlist gift: Apple juice (option정관장 아이키커 10팩×4개 40포 사과주스)
  65. Jing jing (6 years old) – We want to convert our storage room into a child’s room. Wishlist gift: storage closet (option 04) 칸칸수납장700와이드(+10,000) 색상-믹스).
  66. Cutie ( 6 years old) – My child needs winter shoes in order to be warm this winter. Wishlist gift: Winter shoes (option네이비/200). (Link to be updated)
  67. Hyeran (5 years old) – I want this for my child’s emotional development, i.e. sensitivity and touch. Wishlist gift: Snow sand (option스노우샌드800(핑크)+증정:보관주머니.포리베이직).
  68. Kong kong (2 years old) – My child has never been to the swimming pool, and I want to take him and sister to a water park next year. Wishlist: swimsuit (option 30번 민트색 스몰싸이즈).
  69. Kong sun (5 years old) – My child loves to play with dolls, but most of her dolls are worn hand-me-downs. Wishlist gift: Doll (option미미월드웨딩카).
  70. Peanut (6 years old) – My child has slight eczema and needs a moisture cream. Wishlist gift: Moisture cream. (Link to be updated)
  71. Onew (9 years old) – My child needs this to have a warm winter. (Link to be updated)
  72. Daeyeon (3 years old) – My child loves chocolate, so I would like to buy chocolate shaved ice for my child. Wishlist gift: giftcard to Sulbing.
  73. Haeun (6 years old) – My child suffers from eczema, and moisture is crucial during the winter. I heard that oil and cream is good for moisture, and I would like my child to have moisture for her rough skin. Wishlist gift: Jojoba oil (option유기농 250ml 펌프)
  74. Seolah (12 years old) – My child is at the age where she needs this. Wishlist gift: Junior bra (option브레이지어 1단계 85사이즈 금액에 맞게 신청부탁해요).
  75. Younha (10 years old) – My child is growing fast and growing out of her underwear very quickly. I am looking for a nice underwear for her to wear under her Taekwondo uniform. Wishlift gift: underwear (option아소트 80).
  76. Antonio (12 years old) – My child is going through puberty, so he cares a lot about his clothes. He does not have any suitable clothes these days. Wishlist gift: sweatshirt (option가을상품 A.유니크 네이비 13호-11세).
  77. Mindong (3 years old) – The table I currently use for my child’s food is peeling and has wood splinters. I would like to give my child a Pink Pong study table. Wishlist gift: study table (option핑크퐁 QR 영어동요 공부상(사은품 스케치북or종합장)).
  78. Seah (1 year 3 months old) – There is no place for my child to play at home, so I would like to make her a space to play. Wishlist gift: tent (option유후텐트(핑크))
  79. My other half (7 years old) – Sadly, I am away from my first child, and I think if Santa Claus can deliver a present to my child and show how much I love my child, he/she will be a little bit less sad. Wishlist gift: crocodile game (option말하는악어사냥).
  80. Half of my life (18 months old) – These days, my child talks quite a lot, walks, and shows a lot of interest in the phone~ This will be my child’s first Christmas, so I want to tell my child that Santa Claus exists~ I want to make my baby happy with her first Christmas gift. Wishlist gift: Secret Juju Touch Phone – Baby Learning Numbers Cell Phone.
  81. Do Yoon (9 years old) – I want to give a gift to my son, who likes books and especially has a lot of interest in math.  Since he can look at this book all through elementary school, I think it will help him. ^^ Wishlist gift: Concept Connection Elementary School Math Dictionary.
  82. Hyun Joon (12 years old) – My child’s height is very short due to lack of nutrition. Wishlist gift: Sambuca Premium Vitamin C Zinc Sweet Syrup
  83. Hyun Ji (10 years old) – My child’s height is short due to lack of nutrition. Wishlist gift: Sambuca Premium Vitamin C Zinc Sweet Syrup.
  84. Hyun Jin (8 years old) – My child’s height is short due to lack of nutrition. Wishlist gift: Sambuca Premium Vitamin C Zinc Sweet Syrup.
  85. Woni (8 years old) – My children do not have winter coats because their clothes are too small. They need winter coats so they can spend a warm winter. Wishlist gift: Cotton candy microgel jumper, L.Pink, size 150.
  86. Seongi (6 years old) – My children do not have winter coats because their clothes are too small. They need winter coats so they can spend a warm winter. Wishlist gift: Cotton candy microgel jumper, L.Blue, size 130.
  87. Princess (5 years old) – My children do not have winter coats because their clothes are too small. They need winter coats so they can spend a warm winter. Wishlist gift: Cotton candy microgel jumper, L.Pink, size 120.
  88. Rongrong (3 years old) – My children do not have winter coats because their clothes are too small. They need winter coats so they can spend a warm winter. Wishlist gift: Cotton candy microgel jumper, L.Blue, size 110.
  89. Sung Min (4 years old) – I am applying for my son so that it may help his emotional recovery from abuse. I would appreciate this gift for him. Thank you. Wishlist gift: Robocar Poli Remote Control Amber.
  90. Eun Chan (8 years old) – Sleep is really important for kids. Please give my child the gift of comfortable sleep~^^ Wishlist gift: Long cushion (cotton), I Love Dog (ivory).
  91. Han Sol (14 years old) – My child’s dream for the future is to be a makeup artist, so she needs this to use for practice. Wishlist gift: Nature Republic Pro Touch Color Master Shadow Palette.
  92. Jeong Hee (6 years old) – My child really likes Pororo. Wishlist gift: Pororo Police Car.
  93. Ji Hye (27 months old) – The shoes my child wore until last year are too small, so she doesn’t have any shoes. WIshlist gift: BeBeMaru shoes, Option 3535, 호프스타 317 토끼라이팅털부츠, 브라운,155mm.
  94. Ggong-ggangi (7 years old) – My child likes to scribble on the wall, and since my child will go to school next year, we are studying the Korean alphabet and numbers. My child really does a lot of drawing, so we urgently need a whiteboard. ^^ Wishlist gift: Rubber magnet whiteboard.
  95. Happiness (6 years old) – My child’s shower products have all run out, so I want to give them as a gift~♥ Wishlist gift: Green Finger bath products, Option B04 (샴푸+린스) + Option F04 (훼이셜솝).
  96. Nahye (13 years old) – This is my child’s last Christmas as an elementary school student, so I want it to be even more joyful. Wishlist gift: 2 V-neck shirts in brown and navy. (Link to be updated)
  97. Esther (8 years old) – Perhaps it is because my child is a princess that she likes heels. She likes boots, too, but I think she would really like warm moccasins for the winter. Wishlist gift: Moccasins, navy blue, size 12/30 (네이비 à 12/30 (200m))
  98. Sarang (7 years old) – I think my child would really like a gift of warm moccasins. I buy her comfortable shoes because she is very active, and moccasins would be more comfortable during playtime than boots. Wishlist gift: Moccasins, navy blue, size 11/29 (네이비 à 11/29 (190m)).
  99. JJio JJio (8 Years old) – Because it is winter my child would like this kit that will help her knit warm items with yarn. Wishlist gift: Angeli Knitting Kitm(01-1_엔젤이뜨개메이커).
  100. Hyunwoo (4 years old) – My child enjoys taking trips and wants a suitcase of his own to pack and carry around by himself. Wishlist gift: Mickey Mouse Peanut Carrier Backpack (A.캐리 à 02_미키마우스땅꽁케리어백팩).
  101. Nae Sarang (8 years old) – I want to praise my child for starting school this year and performing so well. Wishlist gift: Holly Golly Cups Deluxe set (03_할리갈리컵스딜럭스)
  102. Dohoon (8 years old) – My child always wears hand-me-downs from others. I want to get him a new pair of shoes. Wishlist gift: “Anton” tennis shoes, color, size 220 (21. 안톤 à 그레이 220). Color not specified. “21. 안톤 à 그레이-220” or “22. 안톤 à 네이비-220”
  103. Taehoon (6 years old) – My child always wears hand-me-downs from his older brother. I want to get him his own new pair of shoes. Wishlist gift: “Marcelle” tennis shoes, blue, size 220 (22.마쉘 à 블루-220).
  104. Coming soon!
  105. Strawberry Princess (2 years old) – My baby loves to play on the slide at the park. Now that the weather has gotten cold, we are requesting a play car because I think she would enjoy riding it at home. Wishlist list: White Benz play car (02_벤츠(화이트)).
  106. Yihyun (4 years old) – Things have been tight financially since I changed jobs, so I’ve had to rely on hand-me-down shoes and clothes for my child. I wanted to get my child a great Christmas present so I am requesting this item. I will continue to do my best! Thank you. Wishlist gift: White sneakers, size 150 (5000~5049 à 5037폴짝민자WN à 사이즈130~200 à type in화이트150사이즈).
  107. Jiyoo (3 years old) – My child loves the character Kongsooni. This Christmas I want to give my child a gift that will make her happy. Wishlist gift: Kongsooni bath and washer play set ([옵션 2]선생02-영실업 콩순이 목욕놀이세탁기).
  108. Seorah (25 months old) – My child needs a pair of winter boots. Wishlist gift: Hopstar fur-lined boots (3501~3600 à 3535-호프스타 317토끼라이팅털부츠 à type in “브라운” à type in “145mm”).
  109. Ttukkeongi (2 years old) – My child not have a winter hat and scarf, so I want to gift these to him. Wishlist gift: Donald Duck hat and scarf (3. 도널드덕).
  110. Dodami (1 year old) – Dodami’s grandmother looks after him because I am working. Lately, Dodami seems to be very responsive to sounds. ^^ He also likes cars. I would like to request a toy bus that plays songs. ♡ Wishlist gift: Toy bus.