2015 KUMFA Holiday Gift Drive


UPDATE: We are still waiting for all the donations to come in, but we have found sponsors who have committed to sponsoring ALL 97 children on our 2015 KUMFA Holiday Gift Drive wishlist. Thank you to all of our sponsors and those who helped spread the word. Without fail, this gift drive and the generosity of those who participate always puts me in the holiday spirit! Warmest wishes to all of our KUMFA supporters and your families this holiday season 🙂

KUMFA (Korean Unwed Mothers’ Families Association) is once again organizing a Christmas gift drive for the children of Korean unwed mothers. KUMFA (Korean Unwed Mothers and Families’ Association) advocates for the rights of unwed pregnant women, unwed mothers and their children in Korea. For more info on KUMFA, please visit the KUMFA FB page. By giving small, personal gifts to the children of single moms, we encourage the movement of child-rearing single mothers to grow in Korea. Of course, we also bring a little holiday cheer!  In order to get all the gifts ordered and delivered before Santa arrives, we need to find donors by December 15th!! 

Read on to see the wish list written by moms from KUMFA (the list currently has only 88 families, but will be updated with 13 more for a total of 100 families).


1. First, decide which child’s present you would like to sponsor. Most of the names have a hyperlink with a link to the gift the child has requested (we are still waiting on some of the links).

2. Second, send an email to [email protected] to tell us which family you have chosen to sponsor (please be sure to send the child’s name and number). This is important in order to ensure that we don’t duplicate gifts.

3. Third, send your donation:

In the past, we have offered sponsors the option of sending gifts directly. However, after some consideration, in order to protect the privacy of the moms and their children (because name, phone number and address are needed in order to send directly in Korea), we are requesting that sponsors send their donations and we will take care of the ordering for you. Most gifts are worth 30,000 KRW (about $30 USD). Thus, we ask that you send the equivalent of US$30 to the KUMFA Paypal address, which is [email protected] with a note saying which family the transfer is for OR

If you are in Korea, you may also transfer the money:

Shinhan Bank (신한은행) Account number: 110-403-352377 Name: HEIT SHANNON NELL

The website post will be updated every day. The gifts that have already found a sponsor will be checked off. Please help so that each child gets his/her Christmas wish!

Thank you!

Questions? Please contact:

Shannon Heit, KUMFA Volunteer, [email protected]

The Wishlist

  1. Rael (8 years old) – This is a present for my child Rah-El. Wishlist gift: Kinanvill Popup Toy (키난빌팝업반짝커).
  2. Mijung “Star” (6 years old) – My child’s name is Mijung “Star”. She turned 6 years old this year. She’s a big fan of the movie Frozen. I would like to get her a Frozen raincoat. She doesn’t have a proper raincoat, so I thought I would have to buy one for her. But then I heard about the Christmas holiday gift drive. Please help me give my daughter a Frozen raincoat 🙂 Wishlist gift: Frozen raincoat, size 7 (사이즈 7호).
  3. Yujin (4 years old) – We would like a Secret Jouju Guitar (시크릿쥬쥬기타). Link coming soon!
  4. Yuna (3 years old) – I am raising a 3-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son… Whenever I get them a present, I am only able to buy 1 item, and my son doesn’t like to share it. I felt bad for my daughter… So I want to get her a gift that she always wanted. Wishlist gift: Hello Kitty Kid’s Vacuum Toy.
  5. Seo-an (3 years old) – Whenever we pass by a scooter, Seo-an always asks me to buy one. I promised that I would buy one later. Wishlist gift: Toy scooter.
  6. Jia (5 years old) – I am a 28-year-old mom with a 5-year-old girl. I always wanted to give my daughter a toy scooter as a present. I want to take this wonderful opportunity to give a present to my girl! Wishlist gift: Secret Jouju Scooter (시크릿주주 싱싱카).
  7. Miso (4 years old) – It is winter, but we don’t have a good warm coat. I want my child to wear a warm jacket this coat. Wishlist gift: Kid’s coat (option 1번 포근그레이무스탕 11호).
  8. San (6 years old) – Hello. My child really loves Bionicle toys. Wishlist gift: Lego Bionicle Toy.
  9. Gaeul (8 years old) – My child is crazy about blocks. Wishlist gift: 3D Nanoblock “Mini Block” Mini Lego Figure (option 기타 블록 2,900원).
  10. Yongjin (9 years old) – My older child really likes whistling and playing the harmonica and whistle. Wishlist gift: Angel Samik Harmonica.
  11. Songyup (10 years old) – My son is a fan of Lightning Man. I want him to have a costume to keep. / Boy’s clothes, M1 shirt and pants set No. 5. Wishlist gift: Lightning Man Outfit (11st 국내생산 고급원단 번개맨옷 번개맨 번개긴팔 번개상하 번개옷). Link coming soon!
  12. Soo (7 years old) – My child enjoys drawing and making things. She asked me to buy this for her after seeing it on TV. I’m thankful for the holiday gift drive 🙂 Wishlist gift: Kinanvill Popup Toys (키난빌반짝커).
  13. Dohee (11 years old) – This was something that my child always wanted. I would like to apply for this wonderful opportunity. Thank you 🙂 Wishlist gift: Creativity and Math Educational Board Game (창의력 수학 학습보드게임).
  14. Arim (4 years old) – I am raising my second child! I want to give her a cart as a present so she can have more fun when playing house 🙂 Wishlist gift: Kongji Shopping Cart (Cocomom One-n-One / Option 7 Kongji Shopping Cart Toy (코코맘원앤원/선택7번(콩지쇼핑카트)장난감/콩지아기돌보기/아기띠/포대기/베이비돌). Link coming soon!
  15. Yoona (7 years old) – I want to give my child new clothes. Wishlift gift: Kid’s outer clothes (option 157 Red #11).
  16. Sujoon (9 years old) – The weather is getting cold, and I’m worried my child will catch a cold. My child tends to kick off the sheets when sleeping. Wishlist gift: Sleeping vest (size M).
  17. Yejin (8 years old) – My son is adorable and very curious, and I want to make sure he can satisfy his curiosity. I picked this present for him because he loves boardgames. Wishlist gift: Rush Hour Boardgame.
  18. Hyang (4 years old) – My child is four years old. I want to give a kitty doll as a present. Thank you! Wishlist gift: Princess kitty doll (option 공주야옹이).
  19. Hyeran (3 years old) – I live with my 3-year-old daughter and my son who is a freshman in high school. These days the weather is cold, and my baby has grown a lot. She doesn’t have any clothes that still fit. She has to wear small-fitting clothes, so I feel awful. I hope to give her something nice and warm to wear. Wishlist gift: Star Mink Long Hoodie (option T73스타밍크롱후드T 7호). 11st.co.kr Product Code: 652835703 Link coming soon!
  20. Chaehee (3 years old) – My child likes to play pretend games. She’ll pick up a twig and pretend she’s a doctor. I wanted to get her this present, but so far I’ve been unable to do so. If she receives this has a Christmas present, she will be thrilled! Wishlist gift: Hello Kitty Doctor’s Toy Kit.
  21. Jia (5 years old) – I live with my child and my parents. Things are not easy for us. I want to take this opportunity to give my child a Christmas present. Wishlist gift: Kongsuni Mixer Bath Toy.
  22. Da-in (7 years old) – I live with my beautiful daughter who is well-behaved and helps around the house. Wishlist gift: Kid’s handbag.
  23. Donghyuk (6 years old) – The weather is getting colder, so I would like to give my child a pair of pants. Wishlist gift: Basic Mink Pants (option SS401베이직밍크 차콜9호 lE401단추밍크 차콜9호). 11st.co.kr Product Code: 251787777 Link coming soon!
  24. Ajung (5 years old) – I have a 5-year-old daughter named Ajung. She loves robots and car toys. As a mom, it’s not easy for me to satisfy her hobby 🙂 Whenever she asked me to buy her a toy, I always said we didn’t have enough money and I felt awful… So thank you for this wonderful opportunity 🙂 Wishlist gift: “옥타”. Link coming soon!
  25. Jae-ah (5 years old) – I live with my child named Jae-Ah. We were watching TV when Jae-Ah said it would be nice to make Pororo rice balls with mommy. When I heard that, I wanted to buy it for my child, but I just kept thinking about it for a long time… It would be wonderful if I could give it to Jae-Ah as a present. Wishlist gift: Pororo Rice Ball Kit (뽀로로 주먹밥만들기).
  26. Soohyuk (4 years old/35 months) – My child really loves Pororo 🙂 Wishlist gift: Pororo Kid’s Vacuum Toy (option 1뽀로로아기청소기)
  27. Minjung, Yujin (7 years old, 11 years old) – We are a family of three. I am a mom raising a 7-year-old son and an 11-year-old daughter. My kids love to build things using Legos. I want to encourage their creativity. Link coming soon!
  28. Minkyung (4 years old) – My child needs a winter coat. Wishlist gift: Jellyspoon Kid’s (Jumper/Outfit) Red option 130 (#12) (gmarket.co.kr젤리스푼(아동점퍼/아동복)레드.130호(예쁜셔링마이크패딩12번). Link coming soon!
  29. Coming soon! (8 years old)
  30. Yoonha (8 years old) – I live with my daughter who is in first grade in elementary school. These days she is really interested in Goryeo Dynasty history, and we also like to play “hidden picture” games. I picked a book that can satisfy both of her interests. Wishlist gift: Find Hidden Pictures History Set (Korean History & World History) (숨은 그림찾기로 보는 역사 세트).
  31. Junu (6 years old) – Junu doesn’t have any warm pants. Wishlist gift: Warm winter pants 9호
  32. Jihee (5 years old) – Thanks to KUMFA I was able to give birth to my second child healthily and my two children and I are living at a unwed moms facility. I’ve been receiving clothes from the facility and from neighbors but all the clothes are boys’ clothes. I feel sorry to my daughter because all of her shoes and clothes look like boys’ items. This year, all of her rainwear had male cartoon characters on it. I would like my daughter to have something that she’d like, something girly. That’s why I’d like a yellow raincoat and umbrella for her. Yellow is a bright color and a great safety measure on cloudy days as the color sticks out. Yellow items could also be passed onto my second child, a son, as it’s a great all around color for all kids. Wishlist gift: Yellow raincoat and umbrella No size listed (option 27, 뉴리틀프린스장화_옐로우 and 리틀프린스우산 옐로우)
  33. Siyeon (9 years old) – Hello! I would like a toy that both Siyeon and I could play with together.
  34. Woochan (11 years old) – Woochan would like a gift that will provide lots of fun during Christmas. Wishlist gift: Rummikub classic (option 2: 루미큐브클래식)
  35. Wonhyuk (2 years old) – TBA
  36. Woobin (1 year old) – Recently, Woobin celebrated his first birthday. Now he’s getting ready to enter his second year. This Christmas I’ll probably be too busy to prepare anything for Woobin. My gift to Woobin for his first birthday was his party and we have no toys at home. I’m sorry that he doesn’t have any toys. Link coming soon!
  37. Ohn-yu (6 years old) – My daughter and I live together. During the winter, I’d like my daughter to be able to keep her feet warm and toasty. Wishlist gift: Boots, option: pk7783, size 210, black)
  38. Chae-eun and Chaejun (6 years old) – Recently, Chaejun was classified as disabled. He really wants to go to kindergarten but he’s not able to yet. I would like to send him to his art hagwon with a pretty backpack. Wishlist gift: Backpack
  39. Ahyeon (3 years old) – Hello! Ahyeon is 40 months old, but her language development is not coming along properly yet. She’s currently taking part in speech, art, and music therapies. Certain toys apparently can help give her a sense of emotional stability. I’d like to give her such a toy for Christmas. There’s a talking doll called, “It’s Eve.” It’s about 65cm tall, the same as Ahyeon. I hope it can help Ahyeon with her pronunciation and be a friend to her. Wishlist gift: Doll
  40. Selyn (6 years old) – Selyn would love a real cat but since we can’t have one right now, I’d like to give her a stuffed cat toy. Wishlist gift: Stuffed cat toy 미미월드 공주야옹이 Link coming soon!
  41. Jisung (11 years old) – I live each day thinking that my child is my everything, now and in the future. Jisung has always wanted blocks so I would like to give him a gift of blocks this year. Wishlist gift: Blocks
  42. Chaewoo (3 years old) – My lovable Chaewoo! I chose this item in the hopes that Chaewoo will learn to organize his toys. Wishlist gift: Organizer drawers
  43. Yeji (12 months) – Yeji just had her first birthday; our family is just the two of us. My daughter is a very energetic and I’d like for her to have a toy that let’s her be active and have lots of fun. Wishlist gift: Toy car
  44. Ha-eun (2 years old) – Whenever we go to the supermarket, Ha-eun loves to spend time in the toy section. I think if she gets this gift for Christmas, she’ll be very happy. Wishlist gift : Stuffed animal 받고싶은 선물 옵션(다온이(중)+폰거치대+편백나무칩)
  45. Taesung (6 years old) – My 6 year old jokester son tells me that when he turns 7 he’s going to pass his toys onto his younger siblings. So his final request is this toy. He’s asked me for it many times, in very cute ways, so if someone can give him this gift we’d be very grateful. Link coming soon!
  46. Donghyuk (9 years old) – Donghyuk is a boy who loves to be out in nature and looking up to watch the wide open sky. I’m very busy these days working and studying so we aren’t able to spend that much time together. But not long ago, we were able to start going camping together. We don’t have many camping supplies, just a tent, and we’re able to share with others we go camping yet. But I’d really love if we could sit outside together. Wishlist gift: Outdoor camping chairs.
  47. Ha-yoon (7 years old) – Ha-yoon really enjoys drawing. I’ve only been able to give her crayons so far but at her kindergarten, she’s had a chance to use paints. She really enjoyed it would like some for herself. At the moment, when Ha-yoon waits for me to pick her up, she has to watch TV instead of painting or coloring. I’d like to gift a set of paints so that Ha-yoon can create instead of just watching TV. Wishlist gift: Paint set
  48. Dawon (7 years old) –I have an adorable 7 year old son. He is always so mindful of his mother and full of love and worry for me. I’d love to give my loving son a really cool gift. Wishlist gift: Block set, firehouse. Option -03 119 소방지휘본부
  49. Ye-eun (11 years old) – Ye-eun likes things that are warm and soft. So I’m choosing a pair of boots for her. Wishlist gift: Boots
  50. Jungjoon (10 years old) – Jungjoon used to go crazy for toys like legos and Gundam. But these days his interest in biology and life-forms has grown bigger and bigger. This item is something Jungjoon said he’d love to have. Wishlist gift: Triops kit
  51. Minsung (9 years old) –Minsung and I live on our own and Minsung loves legos and dinosaur origami. For this Christmas I’d like to get Minsung legos. Wishlist gift: Legos Link coming soon!
  52. Taeho (10 years old) – Coming soon!
  53. Chae-young (11 years old) – I would like to make memories of Santa for Chae-young. Wishlist gift: Clothing, size XS, option 8번투톤라임80/19번블랙레깅스 Link coming soon!
  54. Dae-yoo (2 years old) – Dae-yoo is 2 years old now. He’s not great with words yet but he loves cars. Wishlist gift: Toy cars
  55. Hoon (3 years old) – Hoon is a very cute and charming little boy. He’s very curious about everything and would love the Mecard toy; it’s very popular these days. Wishlist gift: Mecard toy
  56. Hee (4 years old) – Junghee doesn’t have any warm winter pants. A pair of pants for Christmas would be wonderful. Wishlist gift: Pants Link coming soon!
  57. Dae-yeon (8 months) – This will be my baby’s first Christmas. I’d like us to have a happy and warm Christmas together. Wishlist gift: Indoor tent
  58. Tae-in (4 years old) – Tae-in and I live with my parents. We would like to give Tae-in some warm winter clothes. Wishlist gift: Winter jumper, size 130, option [0004]
  59. Seo-yeon (4 years old) – Seo-yeon loves dolls and stuffed animals. She really loves Coco Mung in particular. She doesn’t have a single doll or stuffed animal right now because I haven’t been able to afford one for her. Whenever we go to the hospital, if she sees a doll or stuffed animal in the play room, she hugs it tight and has trouble letting go. If there’s a Santa Claus, please let him bring my Seo-yeon a Coco Mung. Wishlist gift: Coco Mung stuffed animal
  60. So-yool (3 years old) – These days whenever So-yool meets with friends who have dress shoes, she tries to put them on and begs me for a pair of her own. Perhaps it’s because she’s only ever worn sneakers until now. For Christmas, I’d like to give So-yool her own pair of dress shoes. Wishlist gift: Shoes, option 9, size 150.
  61. Seungjoo (4 years old) – When it’s cold out this winter, I’d like to spend my time warm and cozy indoors with some crafts projects with my son. Wishlist gift: Crafts kit
  62. SeoHyeon (6 years old) –  Something special for mommy and daughter to do together, I would like to have cooking challenges with my daughter ^^
  63. HeeChan (4 years old) – We need winter clothes. Size 7: 4 pandas in cotton, 6 space rabbits in fluff threading + size 7 navy Ssoseji pants (4카리스마팬더 특양면 7호 / 6우주토끼 특기모+소세지네이비바지 7호)
  64. Eliya (7 years old) – Lately my daughter is really into makeup and likes to put on mommy’s makeup. She would be really happy to have her own to put on.
  65. SungBin (6 years old) – I chose my child’s favorite, Lego blocks ^^ (600 piece set)
  66. YoonJun (4 years old) – I’m a single mom living alone with only my child.^^ My child really loves this game, I really wanted to buy it for him but I can’t easily afford to so I can only stare at its picture.
  67. EunHo  (3 years old) – It’s just Mommy and little baby. When it gets warm, I would like to have lots of fun playing outside, So I chose this Sky Ssing Ssing Polli (스카이씽씽폴리)
  68. Jia (1 year old) – For a fun toy perfect for her age I want to give her this to play with.
  69. HaEun (12 months) – My HaEun loves doggies but I can’t give her a real one. So I’d like to give her at least a doll of one to play with. Link coming soon!
  70. TaeBin (7 years old) – I’m the 27 year-old single mom of a 7 year-old son. Lately I can’t find work so I can’t give any Christmas presents.. Next year my big boy will start school so I want to give him a present. Wishlist gift: Kids baseball glove, ball, and bat set. Link coming soon!
  71. GaOn (2 years old) – My child loves building with blocks. I think they will love this ^^
  72. KangHyeon (12 years old) – My child’s dream is drawing manhwa (comics)
  73. JiHoon (6 years old) – I am always wishing for happy mommy and happy JiHoon. My JiHoon loves Legos so much ^^ Wishlist gift: Legos (Option #311 King of Seas)
  74. ChaeYong (5 years old) – My parents live far away. So my daughter is very bored on the drive to see them. I want to give her this so she can draw and read books.
  75. SoYu (14 months old) – My daughter and I live with my parents, receiving the exceeding love of my mom & dad ^^ In just a while my baby will start potty training.
  76. YuSom (9 years old) – I want to give my son many happy memories. Link coming soon!
  77. GwangYong (6 years sold ) – They’ve outgrown their long johns. I want to keep them warm and healthy through the winter. Wishlist gift: long underwear Link coming soon!
  78. Chey (3 years old) – Hello~ Chey is 3 years old~ Lately she’s into looking at herself in the mirror and doing makeup ~ so if she had a makeup table she would really love it ~ Wishlist gift: makeup table
  79. SeoYoon (14 months old) –  I live with my 14 month old daughter~ My baby loves this doll so much she sleeps with it every night, so it’s all chewed up and torn. So I’m asking to replace her worn-down one with a clean new doll~!! Wishlist gift: Doll (꽃무늬핑크 중 사이즈 주스컵+편백)
  80. Rael (2 years old) – I couldn’t be there for my child’s 1st birthday. I want to spend this Christmas with my baby. To my little Rael who is making his first little steps, I want to give him a toy he will really have fun with.
  81. Esak (9 years old) – This is our happy 9th Christmas together. Please congratulate us! Link coming soon!
  82. Soobin (10 months old) – Thinking of a gift for my Soobin, I had to choose for him a warm winter coat because he doesn’t have one…Wishlist gift: winter coat. Link coming soon!
  83. EunSeo (7 years old) – We live happily together with my daughter, myself, mom, and auntie.
  84. Sora (10 years old) – Mommy & Sora! Sora’s happy home ^^ She’s outgrown her winter boots so she needs new ones. Wishlist gift: Winter boots.
  85. HaEun (4 years old) – She doesn’t have winter boots. I want to keep her warm through winter.
  86. YeSung (6 years old) – Our family is my 6 year-old mischievous little monkey and his mommy. He likes ninjas and Legos. It’s getting so cold, so when he comes home he enjoys building things with his Legos. So I picked Legos for him ^^
  87. YeJun (5 years old) – I live with my two sons. My son really loves art so I want to give him this glass deco. (글라스데코) ~^^ Link coming soon!
  88. Jio (6 years old) – My daughter loves to touch and feel with her hands, she asked for these beads (비즈공). She’d like the Aqua beads standard set. (아쿠아비즈 스탠다드 세트). Link coming soon!
  89. Hyewon (6 years old) – Hyewon doesn’t have any winter boots so I want to be able to give him some warm boots to wear.  롱부츠63 호피털워커 사이즈190
  90. Sechang (5 years old)  – I am raising strong, confident five year old twins and our family is always happy and full of laughter.  I want to give my sons something fun enough that will create good memories for my sweet sons who know how hard off we are financially that they never even ask me to buy them anything. Since I can’t take them to an amusement park, I’m requesting this roller scooter car.
  91. Jihoon (6 years old) – It’s just the two of us. My son is attending kindergarten and I’m a daycare teacher. I chose lotion because we don’t really have any children’s lotion so in order to save money, I am choosing something we need. I am thankful each year for this gift drive.
  92. Haram (26 months old) – We are almost out of toothpaste so I am choosing toothpaste for our Christmas present. Link coming soon!
  93. Hyeyeon (28 months old) – I am a mom raising her 28 month old daughter and we live with my dad. Lately, my daughter is suddenly interested in watching mommy put on lotion so I want to request a toy vanity for my daughter to play with.
  94. Yeonwoo (5 years old) – I chose shampoo because we are almost out of kids shampoo.
  95. Yoonseo (5 years old) – Lately my daughter is really interested in making and decorating things. She saw the advertisement for these pop up decorating sticker book and she’s been telling me she wants it ever since.
  96. Nawon (22 months old) – My daughter is 22 months old. I remember when I was young wanting this bathtime doll so much, so I would like to give a bathtime doll to her as a present. 1366644841-11번가 Link coming soon!
  97. Juny (5 years old) – I’m not sure if it’s because he spends so much time with just his mom butmyfiveyear old son has a lot of cutesy mannerisms and enjoys “girly” things. So he asked for this bakery play set. He told me that the food that mommy makes is the yummiest and he wants to make bread for his mommy since he knows how much I like bread. I think this will be a wonderful Christmas gift to both my son and me. Thank you as always! (옵션 : 콩순이 부푸러빵가게, 27,400원 무료배송)
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  1. 이수정
    이수정 says:

    이지유 애기 엄마입니다. 올해 21개월 되었고, 이쁜 딸 이입니다. 저희 이쁜 딸아이 크리스마스 선물 신청해 봅니다~ 감사합니다.

  2. Danae Lambros
    Danae Lambros says:

    I’d like to donate some nice, warm wool hats and leather handbags and sweaters to the Moms. We mustn’t forget them either, and I see the Xmas wish list for children is already full. Can I ship a box full of goodies for the Moms to KUMFA? I know cash or gifts would be preferred but I’m short on cash these days.

    Thank you,

  3. jayme hansen
    jayme hansen says:

    I encourage those that come after each name has been crossed off to still give. The need does not magically goes away. This is only but the beginning and the work continues to make the lives of these families a better one. Please reconsider and give with your heart. It will go to good use. Jayme-


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