2014 KUMFA Holiday Gift Drive



UPDATE: I am happy to announce that we have found Santas for 114 KUMFA kids this year! We are no longer in need of sponsors for presents, but if you would like to donate to KUMFA’s holiday party for the moms and kids (to be held this Saturday) OR just to KUMFA’s general operational costs (there are three moms who work full-time in the office for a very, very small salary), please feel free to donate via Paypal (the Paypal email is [email protected]) or bank transfer Kookmin Bank 국민은행 547801-04-053780 한국미혼모가족협회. Thanks again everyone for all of your amazing support!!

KUMFA (Korean Unwed Mothers’ Families Association) is once again organizing a Christmas gift drive for the children of Korean unwed mothers. KUMFA (Korean Unwed Mothers and Families’ Association) advocates for the rights of unwed pregnant women, unwed mothers and their children in Korea. For more info on KUMFA, please visit the KUMFA FB page. By giving small, personal gifts to single moms’ children, we encourage the movement of child-rearing single mothers to grow in Korea. Of course, we also bring a little holiday cheer!  In order to get all the gifts ordered and delivered before Santa arrives, we need to find donors by December 15th!! 

Read on to see the wish list written by moms from KUMFA (the list currently has only 87 families, but will be updated with 13 more for a total of 100 families).


1. First, decide which family you would like to sponsor.

2. Second, send an email to [email protected]  saying which family (the name and number) you would like to buy a gift for. This is important in order to ensure that we don’t duplicate gifts. Please be sure to include your METHOD of donation in your email (see below).

3. Third, you may donate a gift in one of two ways:

Method One. Directly purchase the gift and send it to the family’s home (addresses will be emailed individually). If you send it directly, you may choose to gift wrap, but it is not necessary. If you order it online (in most cases, if you click on the mom & child’s name, you can see a link to a website where you can purchase the wishlist gift online), you can send it directly to the family’s home.

Method Two. Most gifts are worth about $30. You may send the equivalent of US$30 to the KUMFA Paypal address, which is [email protected] and request that we buy a certain gift on your behalf. Please also make a note saying which family the transfer is for.

If you are in Korea and don’t have Paypal, you may also transfer money:

Shinhan Bank (신한은행)
Account number: 110-403-352377

The website post will be updated every day. The gifts that have already found a sponsor will be checked off. Please help so that each child gets his/her Christmas wish!

Thank you!

Questions? Please contact:

Shannon Heit, KUMFA Volunteer, [email protected]

The Wishlist

1) Jin-hwa & Se-rin (5 years old)
I live with my five-year-old daughter. On the weekends, we like to go bike riding or watch musicals. I am proud of my daughter. She enjoys and excels in all her subjects including art, ballet, and English. I want to share my daughter’s favorite activities and live happily.

Wishlist gift: Juju Rhythm Stick 

2) Chun-hwa & Young-joon (8 years old)

My son and I live together and rely on each other. I would like to receive art beads as a Christmas present. I want to spend quality time making crafts with my son. Thank you.

Wishlist gift: Art Beads Full Package (mix of 5,000 yellow beads) Option: 06. MIX5,000통(노란패키지) + 도안책자

3) Yoon-sun & Dong-hyuk (5 years old)

I live with my son, and it’s just the two of us. He always says ‘I love you’ first and gives me a big hug. He is a cute and lovely child, but being a boy he loves to play and shout ‘Power Ranger! Power Force!’ Sometimes when he goes to day care, he tells his friends that his daddy passed away and is in heaven now which makes the teacher and myself feel flustered. He says he wants to marry his mommy when he grows up!

Wishlist gift: Power Ranger Dino Force Action Mask Set (Interpark product code: 2875492790)

4) Yunhee & Jinsol (6 years old)

Jinsol is very outgoing and active and likes music. Jinsol will enter elementary school next year. We hope you have a merry Christmas!

Wishlist gift: Archery Set 

5) Eunju & Hyeonju

Hyeonju and I live on our own. This Christmas present is something Hyeongju really needs. Thank you.

Wishlist gift: Total Wash Washable Kids’ Paint Set (option 토탈워시250ml 꼬마화가세트 (4색))  

6) Seonhye & Minseo (7 years old)

Minseo draws very well and has a bright and cheerful personality. Minseo has adjusted well to life in the countryside since our move from Seoul to Cheonan. Because Minseo will enter elementary school next year, we would like to receive a Korean dictionary. Thank you.

Wishlist gift: Yeonsei Elementary Level Korean Dictionary (option 연세포등국어사전(2015년)) 

7) Pa-ran & Hyun-woo (4 years old)

I live with my 4-year-old son who is full of mischief. My son loves Transformer cartoons and toys like Tobot and Carbot. I would like to ask for a Christmas tree. Before last year, my son was too young to think about a tree. But last year he said it would be nice to have a tree in the house, so I would like to take this opportunity to make his wish come true.

Wishlist gift: Green Christmas tree (G Market product code: 619418201)

8) Narae & Ga-on

My son is a very curious child who enjoys being outdoors, but we haven’t been able to leave the house lately due to the cold weather. This Christmas I would like a stroller cover so I can take Ga-on outside and show him the white snowfall this winter. ^^

Wish list gift: Elegance Stroller Cover 

9) Na-yeon & Ha-yoon (6 years old)

Ha-yoon is an active girl and enjoys physical exercise very much. Her favorite activity is riding a bicycle with her mom. Sometimes we bake cookies or cook meals at home which she also enjoys. When she plays with her toys, she likes to be a princess. Her favorite characters are Elsa and Cinderella, but she also enjoys playing Power Rangers and Dino Force since many of her friends are boys.

Wishlist gift: Elsa long sleeve dress m-size

10) Nan-young & Ye-seong (5 years old)

Hello. I am 25 years old and my son Ye-seong is 5 years old. My son is attending a day care center. He likes watching Tobot and singing songs, as well as making crafts using tape and stickers. I enjoy nail art and listening to songs. Right now I am working and learning how to make scented candles. My son still loves the present that he received from Santa at last year’s KUMFA Party. Thank you so much!

Wishlist gift: Tobot D Transformer action figure

11) Do-kyeong & Tae-ho (9 years old)

As mother and child, we enjoy hobbies like walking in the park, reading a book before going to bed, and playing in the water at the beach.

Wishlist gift: Navy blue sneakers

12) Miseon & Chaewa (12 years old)

My daughter Chaewa will become a 6th grader soon. She is a daughter who helps me out a lot and studies diligently. Merry Christmas!

Wishlist gift: Angel Clay Set

13) Min-seung & Dong-hyuk – link currently not working, will be updated soon!

Dong-hyuk and I enjoy reading books, watching movies, and playing games. Dong-hyuk has atopy, asthma, and rhintitis. He likes to play with Legos, so I bought a coupon for a Lego cafe. I tried to find a present that would be good for his allergies.

Wishlist gift: Organic fermentation enzyme essence (발효효소)

14) Mijeong & Dohyun (11 years old)

Dohyun and I live alone together. Dohyun loves his friends and enjoys playing instruments. We would like a pair of boots so that Dohyun can stay warm throughout the cold winter. We hope you have a merry Christmas~^^

Wishlist gift: Padded Waterproof Boots (option 09알도패딩 (+1,000원), 밤색: 220(225))

15) Sunkyung, Joy (2 years old), Joelle (1 year old)

My two daughters, who are one year apart, and I make up a family of three. I enjoy watching movies, and because my daughters are very outgoing, they enjoy dancing and being active. My first daughter reads a lot, and my second daughter likes eating so much that she is a little on the chubby side. ^^ I would like to request a meaningful Christmas present for my two daughters.

Wishlist gift: Vroom Vroom Car (option 벤츠_레드)

16) Sora & Ji-oh – link currently not working, will be updated soon!

My daughter and I both like to make things with our hands. I enjoy working with metal, and my daughter likes to build objects with paper and blocks. My daughter and I are both studying. I am attending graduate school and my daughter is attending preschool. We also have extracurricular activities. I go to a crafts workshops and an entrepreneur start-up support center, and my daughter goes to Woongjin Think Big and takes math lessons at Kids Math.

Wishlist gift: TL-B New Anipang MS, pink color

17) Sojung & Min-ki – link currently not working, will be updated soon!

I am 35 years old and my sons are 14 and 6. The three of us live together. I heard it will be very cold this winter. I hope you stay warm and healthy this winter!

Wishlist gift: Tenkai Knights robot action figures Lydendor and Valorn, (option: 라이덴돌X (Lydendor) and 바론 X (Valorn)

18) Aejin & Mingyeol (6 years old)

I am a mother with dreams of starting a business in the beauty shop industry. I live a diligent life with my child Mingyeol, who is very outgoing and likes cars. ^^ While at times parenting while working is quite challenging, simply watching my child’s pure hearted actions and laughter gives me a surge of strength while I juggle my work and studies everyday while my son himself stays at kindergarten and academy until late in the evening. Thanks to this, I will be able to plan for my son one day complete with a Christmas present. Thank you!! ^^

Wishlist gift: Super Wings Toy

19) Eunhwa & Minsung
My son and I like to play ball games and read books. Occasionally, we go out and take pictures or go to the school and play on the playground and swings. Sometimes, we go to the park and exercise together or eat hamburgers to recharge our mood. Things aren’t always easy for us, but we try to keep up our spirits and smile. Take care, everyone!

Wishlist gift: Lego set

20) Eun-hee & Da-yoon

My daughter is a fan of the movie Frozen, but she is very tall for a 4th grader, so everyone thinks she is a teenager who is too old to dress up like a cartoon character. I work in the Daegu KUMFA office, so I regret that my daughter must spend a lot of time by herself. Da-yoon’s wish is to go on a trip with her mommy, just the two of us. She likes dolls and singing. Thank you for sending us a Christmas present each year!

Wishlist gift: Pink backpack

21) Jungwon & Rosa

Our family includes myself and my daughter who is in 1st grade in elementary school. For our hobby, we go to a free dance class that is held twice a week at the education center. It helps to improve our relationship and relieve stress. We are thankful for your gift.

Wishlist gift: Peru Hot Coco Mix

22) Jiyeon & Arim (3 years old)

We are a sweet family living happily with Arim, my loveable daughter who adores her baby sister. Thank you very much for the present.

Wishlist gift: Speaking Dressing Table Luggage (option 열고닫는송이화장대)

23) Haera & Issac – link currently not working, will be updated soon

Issac lives with me and likes flowers and playing with his friends. He is a charming boy who enjoys attending church. Have a wonderful Christmas~^^

Wishlist gift: will be updated soon

24) Hyo-mi & Taesung – link currently not working, will be updated soon

My son Taesung is 5 years old. He used to be a rascal who only liked to play, but these days he is reading books and he loves to study math and draw pictures.

Wishlist gift: will be updated soon

25) Eun-Hee & Da-Sol (9 years old)

I happily live with my cute daughter, Da-Sol. She likes to paint and make stuff. Also, she’s fond of dancing while singing. For Christmas this year, she wishes to have a pair of boots. Last year, we had such a happy Christmas because we got a Christmas tree!

Wishlist gift: G-Market b24/ Chamude leather boots for kids (color pink) (size 210) (Price 26,901won)

26) Na-Rae & Yun-Jun (2 years old) – link currently not working, will be updated soon

I’m an unwed mother. There’re just two of us in my family: my son and I. We enjoy each and every memory and the joy of happy moments. We especially enjoy eating SPAMs and Burger King’s Bulgogi whoppers together! My son’s hobby is playing with toy blocks and toy cars. Also, he likes to play with his friends at his daycare center. This year, I got this great opportunity to give my son a Christmas gift, which makes me really happy.

Wishlist gift: G-market Item Number: 246975831, a Tayo the Little Bus Mini Car Set (14,500won), Wet tissue: Gungjoongbichek organic mild wet tissue(with a cap) 12 packs (each with 70 tissues), Item Number: 470474614(14,900won) Total price: 29,400won 

27) Mi-ryung & Seung-bin (5 years old)

My name is Mi-ryung, and I am raising a 5-year-old boy. My son Seung-bin has a bright personality and enjoys physical activities. He is full of energy! He enjoys soccer, and these days we are practicing badminton together. When recess is called at the day care center, he always runs to the playground first so he can play and use the exercise machines. Sometimes we go running together or play catch-me-if-you-can. He is a very active child. My everyday routine consists of home, work, the playground, and the market. Spending time with my child brings me joy and happiness.

Wishlist gift: Merong Milk (walking toy puppy, white color) 

28) Kyung-Hwa & Ho-Sung (10 years old)

My son likes his friends a lot. He wishes to learn to skateboard. Thus, my son and I’d love to have a skateboard for Christmas this year.

Wishlist gift: a skateboard (robot option)

29) Bohwa & Yunha (2 years old)

Family intro: coming soon!

Wishlist gift: will be updated soon

30) Ja-yeon & Seo-yoon

My daughter and I love to explore places, including galleries, museums, and unfamiliar streets. We always see a movie once a month. We also like to spend time reading books in a library. Thank you for always keeping us in your thoughts.

Wishlist gift: Art beads

31) Seong-hee & Dan-ah

I am a single mom who is raising a 5-year-old girl. Right now, I am studying for a license as a social welfare worker, so I am living without any income. My daughter likes to dance and wanted to try belly dancing, so I let her take a three-month class one time, and she fell in love with it! Thanks to this experience, she has a lead role in the upcoming talent show at the day care center, so I am excited to see her perform!

Wishlist gift: 2 pairs of leggings (G market product code: 220228006), Option: 캉캉치마레깅스 + 인디핑크 11호 , [PL01]캉캉치마레깅스 + 블랙 11호

32) Su-yeon & Ji-hoon

My child and I enjoy playing with puzzles and reading picture books together.

Wishlist gift: Picture books and daily cards for kids

33) Sujin & Si-yeon

My child and I like to go out together and chat with each other. We like to look at craft and art exhibits. We are both very active and full of curiosity, and we also enjoy making things.

Wishlist gift: Prism Diary and Stone Set

34) Eun-Kyu & Hyeon-Jin (9 years old)

I happily live with Hyeon-Jun and his younger brother, Hyeon-Jin. My sons help me with house cleaning because I have undergone a surgical operation for my waist. Hence, we’d love to have a push stick for Christmas this year. We thank you all for the Christmas gift!

Wishlist gift: No. 11 a clip wide push stick + 2 clip loops Option : 3 clip loops

35) Eun-joo & Ye-chan

I enjoy watching movies, and my child likes to do oragami.

Wishlist gift: Non Pesticide Lettuce and Broccoli, OptioN: 2)번 무농약 양배추즙 50팩

36) Eun-Hee & Su-Bin (11 years old)

For the competitions we participate in, we need a large backpack for clothes. If you can buy us a backpack which is larger than an average school bag, we would be very appreciative. We are always grateful to you all.

Wishlist gift: a24 badge zipper 0080-red, a54 zipper 6157-navy

37) Jeongsuk and Chaeyoung (10 years old)

I am a mother living happily with my mischievous little girl who is going through early puberty. I love cooking, shopping, traveling, taking walks, meeting people, and experiencing new things with my daughter. Chaeyoung loves to read. Right now she is really into the series Number One Survival.

Wishlist gift: Number One Survival Edition #17~#21. 

38) Ji-Sun & Che-Young (4 years old)

Che-Young is very active and bright. For instance, she likes dance music while I like ballads. When people take a photo of us, they often say that we look very alike! Like mother, like daughter!

Wishlist gift: Interpark a melodion

39) Choah and Esther

I named Esther after Queen Esther from the Bible in hopes that she grows up as bright and wise. Perhaps because of that she loves to read and play the piano. She also enjoys going to church. I wish for my beautiful Esther to grow up well just the way she is now—bright, brave, and lovely.

Wishlist gift: Twinkle Check Ski Gloves in Light Pink(S) (model -> WG0049-트윙클체크스키장갑-라이트핑크-S) 

40) Heeyoung and Sehjin (5 years old)

I am Heeyoung, the happy mother of my five-year-old princess and the embodiment of positivity living in Daegu. I live with two other mothers and two other five-year-olds under the same roof in harmony. I want to thank you for the heartwarming Christmas presents every year!

Wishlist gift: Child Boots with Side Ribbon (Option -> TL-F(ㅇ~ㅎ) -> 옆리본통통 ->170~200만주문, size -> 180, color ->블랙

 41) Yu-Jin & Go-Eun (21 months)

There’re three of us in my family: Grandfather, Go-Eun, and I. We all live together harmoniously. Go-Eun likes to sing, and she’s just started learning to speak so she asks me a lot of questions. Since I like to cook, cooking for my daughter is my hobby and my life at the same time.

Wishlist gift: A soft block set 100p a backpack no option

42) Sumin and Kyuwon (4 years old)

Hello, I am a mother living with my daughter in Daegu. Kyuwon is a four-year-old girl. Last year, she didn’t know anything about Christmas but this year she keeps asking about Santa Claus and a tree with Christmas lights. Raising her is a lovely blessing. We would use the present you send us very well. We hope you are always safe and healthy in this cold weather and thank you.

Wishlist gift: 1.5m Christmas Tree Full Set (Option -> 02) 러브리트리(사은품인형) Additional Option -> 머리띠양말인형 -> 14)양말(랜덤발송))

43) Shiyeon and Taein

Taein loves going to the zoo, looking at picture books, dancing while singing children’s songs, going grocery shopping, and playing peek-a-boo.

Wishlist gift: Two cans of Namyang baby formula (Option -> 아기사랑수 3단계-1캔)

44) Hyeyoung and Yubi

Hello, I am Yubi’s mother who is living happily day-by-day with Yubi. Yubi is still very shy with strangers so I can’t send her to a nursery school yet so I must be with her all the time, which also may be why she is so shy. We spend most of our time listening to children’s songs. I love music and Yubi does as well. When we have songs on, she moves in a way that can’t exactly be called dancing and she doesn’t seem to be much of a dancer but she bounces to the beat as well as she can. Whenever we go to kid’s cafes she loves playing with the piano or other instruments. I always want to buy her one but because of our tight budget, every time I tell myself next time, next time. We would love if Santa Claus could bring her a present of a guitar.

Wishlist gift: Little Tikes Baby Guitar

45) Mira and Yejun (3 years old)

While we were still dating, a sudden accident took my baby’s father away. It was then that I learned I was pregnant. Despite my family’s opposition, the disapproving looks of others, and economic hardships, I tried my hardest to protect my child who seemed like a gift. I’ve persevered looking after and protecting my baby. He has grown so much. By the 22th, he will be three years old. He has had a hard time being separated from me so we started play therapy this month. We are trying not to hurry him but enable him to go out to the world one step at a time. Yejun has liked cars and robots ever since he was a year old. These days he has started to show interest in airplanes and helicopters so we would like to ask for a airplane shaped toy for Christmas. I used to love to read and watch movies but because of having a sensitive child who can’t leave his mother’s side a single minute, I haven’t been able to read a book or watch movie since giving birth. Becoming a mother certainly isn’t easy. ‘Mother’ is a title that can only be gained after giving up ‘I’. I try to live my best for my son who calls me ‘mother’ every day and turned me from a weak woman to the strongest greatest ‘mother’. I truly thank everyone who has looked after and helped us mothers and children.

Wishlist gift: Two Super Wings Tranforming Robots (option -> 변신호기 1, 변신아리1)

46) Mihee and Soyul

I am a single mother raising a lovely little girl. After having a child and going to college at a later age than most, I took a few semesters off and am now living happily with my child. These days, Soyul seems to want a space of her own and keeps hiding between the laundry hangers. We spend the whole day playing hide-and-seek. We also love taking walks in the park but now that the weather is cold that will be hard to do. If we could get a tent for Christmas, we could spend the day in a warm tent instead of the cold park, each sipping a glass of warm milk.

Wishlist gift: Child’s Indian Tent

47) Soonhee and Jia (6 years old) 

Hello, we are two peas-in-a-pod mother and daughter duo. Our hobbies are watching movies and playing games at the arcade. My daughter Jia loves car racing games. Her driving skills are improving by the day. I always try to keep my eye level the same as my daughter and Jia trusts and loves me the way I am. Because of that we live with the confidence that we can do anything! Wishlist gift: Roraailey Basic Ski Gloves (option -> pink) 

48) Eunmi and Heechan

My son who loves fish has now grown enough to ask for toys! He has been begging for a fish toy for a few days now and thankfully we were given this chance to sign up for a Christmas present. When we get it, I will post a picture of us with it. Have a good day!

Wishlist gift: Toy Fish Tank (option -> 11-[미미월드] 꾸러기물꼬기

49) Sun-Young & Ji-Hun (5 years old)

My son and I don’t have any particular hobbies yet, but we go see movies or musicals together about twice a month. Although I’m almost always busy, I make a lot of effort to spend more time with my son on weekends. I’m grateful to all of you for your nice gifts for Christmas this year. I’ll make good use of it! Please be careful not to catch a cold during the cold winter days!

Wishlist gift: a Gungjoongbichek Hanbang Ato (lotion+cream)19,500won MEDNM a fire truck 9,900won

50) Sun-Hee & Ji-Hun

My son, Ji-Hun, likes LEGO blocks a lot.  I should spend more time with him, but because I’m very tired from work, it’s hard to find the time to play with him as much as I want. Having said that, I’m trying to make an effort to play with him more often recently. I will try harder with this LEGO set for Christmas.

Wishlist gift: LEGO70141 Vardy’s Vulture Glider set

51) Miseon and Raelle

Ever since she was little, Raelle always was around a lot of people so she enjoys spending time in places where it is just the two of us. She loves going on walks together and talking during those walks. Soon we will be able to live by ourselves, which we are looking forward to. Next year, Raelle will be entering elementary school and she needs a little bag which is why I am adding our names to the wishlist.

Wishlist gift: Child’s Princess Cross Bag (option -> 25, 미니퀼팅크로스핫핑크)

52) Bora and Jeongjun

Things Jeongjun likes: Legos, Dragon Village, Wearing thin clothes (which is why he keeps catching cold!). Things Mother likes: Jeongjun keeping his promises. Please do your homework! He hates to exercise. These days, he is learning how to swim. He keeps saying he would die of heatstroke if he does Taekwondo and he would die of cold exposure if he swims. Even though I convinced him to take swimming lessons, he will only taken them through November. We hope Christmas comes soon! And thank you!

Wishlist gift: Magical 1000 Hanja Extreme 

53) Seonghee and Yongjin

Yongjin has been begging for a toy for Christmas so I am always very thankful for this joyful news! Although I am a bad member who never can make it to the meetings due to living in Jeju Island, I always support and thank you all with all my heart.

Wishlist gift: Ghost Hunt in the Night

54) Youngsuk and Sue (6 years old)

My child loves to exercise and move her body. We sometimes go to a nearby transportation park and ride bikes. Even though she is only six, she has already mastered a two-wheeled bicycle. She can also double-jump the jumprope. But her favorite thing to do is playing with blocks. She forgets all about time when playing with blocks and I love watching her concentrate while making this and that, so we decided to ask for blocks this Christmas and I hope this will be a chance for her to get a good present.

Wishlist gift: Fire Department Blocks (option -> 34021(소방서세트) (-5000원)

55) Hyeseon and Yaejin

Hello. We are a family of three, with me and my two little princesses. I work as an assistant at a school for special needs children and my hobby is listening to music. My first daughter is eight. She is a very affectionate child with good manners and takes good care of her little sister. Her dream is to become a chef. The cute baby of the family loves to sing and dance and hopes to become a mailwoman.

Wishlist gift: New Micro Super Big Cash Register(option -> 마이크로슈퍼빅계산대)

56) Mangjeon & Miryu (3years old)

I am a mom of  13-year-old girl and 3-year-old girl. We enjoy ballet shows, music recitals and musicals a lot.  The elder one is acting like the elder, so calm and gentle. The younger one is so jealous of her sister, typical characteristics of the second child. But they get along very well even with a 10 year gap in their age, they watch animated movie together, play piano together, and have fun together. Sometimes it is more difficult having two children to take care of than only one child, but they are just so lovely together. It will be great if we could receive an Elsa doll for this coming Christmas, which they recently fell in love with.

Wishlist gift : 437299610 마텔겨울왕국- 엘사인형

57) Miran and Chae-eun (12 months old)

I am a 29 year-old mother living in Daegu. I am raising my daughter of twelve months by myself. My daughter and I love spending the day touching things and playing with them. These days she seems to be interested in opening the cabinets under the sink and taking things out so I hope to get her a toy kitchen set for Christmas.

Wishlist gift: Hello Kitty Kitchen Set (option -> [금보] 헬로키티싱크대요리놀이)

58) Seulbi and Doyoon

Doyoon is a mischievous boy who loves to play. He is always thoughtful to me. Sometimes I feel sorry for the way he has grown up so much, while feeling able to rely on him. However, I am thankful my son always tells me he is happiest with me. Though there are some hard times, we help each other through. I hope we get a sled so we can make more good memories this winter.

Wishlist gift: Haeun Mom’s Snowsled (option -> 레드)

59) Seungmin and Seungjae

Hello. I am a 34 year-old mother living with her two year-old son in Kyeongsan. We are a family of three, with my mother, my son, and myself. Seungjae loves moving around and exercising, such as sliding down the slide and running. He doesn’t sit still and play much but he loves blocks and is very focused when piling them into high towers or lining them up by size.

Wishlist gift: Huggies Magic Panties (option -> 15년형 5남 (특대31P) x 2팩) 

60) Yeonkyeong and Eunwoo

I am a single mother living in Daegu. What our family likes is to not sit still at home. That’s because our house is so cold and the heating bill is too high. So before Eunwoo went to nursery school, we would go to Costco or the nearby supermarket. Recently, I’ve found there is such a thing called an insulation tent, so we would like to ask for this for Christmas. Thank you so much. At first, it was hard because Eunwoo refused to be separated from me for over three months and I had to keep holding her which led to hurting my wrist. Nowadays, he has adjusted to nursery school and I have found some time to spend by myself. With this, I am busy thinking of the future—what I can do for Eunwoo, our livelihood, and things I need to in the future. So both mother and son are leading busy lives.

Wishlist gift: The Jock Insulation Tent (option -> 와인더블(2인용) *품절상품임) 

61) Yeonji & Dayeon  

I live with my daughter. Dayeon doesn’t have any puzzles at home, but she enjoys playing with them at daycare. I had been wanting to get her some puzzles, so I think this is a good opportunity to get her some. These days, she enjoys reading books and singing. However, she doesn’t very many toys, and she is wanting to play with more toys these days.

Wishlist gift: Todolibro wooden puzzle 5 kind sets http://gmkt.kr/gVayN3 

62) Yoonmi & Aenok (3 years old)

Aenok is 39 months old and I am 27 years old. The two of us live alone as daughter and mother. Aenok and I both love the color pink, Hello Kitty, and pretty princess themed items. Aenok loves playing with blocks. She is a daughter who is extremely active and has a lot of charm. I love beautifully decorating our new home that Aenok and I moved into with Hello Kitty items. Up until now, I rarely bought clothes for my daughter and mostly dressed her in hand-me-downs. I would like to ask for a Hello Kitty outfit, because I want to dress Aenok in beautiful clothes when she goes to kindergarten next year.

Wishlist gift: Hello Kitty – Kids One Piece Lady Trenchcoat (KBA3037) (option Size 110) http://gmkt.kr/gd6Crk 

63) Eungyeong & Yisak

On Sundays, we enjoy watching plays and taking walks together. We love drinking tea and talking. Yisak is just like me as a child;  Yisak often sleeps late in the mornings and loves running. My child has a lot of dreams for the future and spent first grade talking about wanting to be a ballerina, doctor, tae-kwon-do athlete, painter, and pianist. I want to provide love and support and live side by side with my child so that Isaac can continue to dream and realize those dreams in the future.

Wishlist gift: Hello Kitty Lock & Lock Cute Food Jar Vacuum Lunch Box Coffee cup  

64) Eunjeong & Domin (10 years old)

Domin is 10 years old. Domin is active and loves playing so much. Domin loves games and has a lot of interest in history, cars, and science. Domin would like to travel to many countries later when he is an adult, so we chose a globe as our wish list gift. These days, Domin has taken up tae-kwon-do again and is working hard practicing. ^^

Wishlist gift: Globe 250mm/ 280mm/ world map / LED light up / educational aid / gift / (option size 280 mm) http://gmkt.kr/gJXRHt

65) Eunju & Junwoo

I would like to introduce my family. First, there is Junwoo, a delicate detailed son who is a wonderful boy who cares a lot for his mother. His mother is a single lady who enjoys life with a wide smile on her face because I gave birth to my son at an older age. Not one or two years ago, I was overwhelmed and in poor condition due to parenting, life, and the weight of living. Even though the situation has not necessarily improved, I have shaken off the heavy weight and am living for tomorrow with only the thought of happily spending time with my son. I would like to give my wonderful son a present that he desires.

Wishlist gift: Under Family / Mink Pajamas / Adult Pajama set / Child Pajama set / Mink fabric / Couple Pajama (option CMK1/Size M and CMK4/Size M) 

66) Eunhui & Dohui

My family lives in Incheon. My child is an elementary student in the 3rd grade and loves sports. My child is a girl. She is very active and loves running and playing outside. She does not love studying as much but is strong and healthy. She enjoys reading books, is blunt, and is a child with a lot of tears.

Wishlist gift: Mimi World Angel Talkative Ppiyakki House http://gmkt.kr/ge1FoK 

67) Jaeryun & Hangil (14 years old)

My boy now is 14-years-old so he is very interested in computer. Of course, he plays online games but he also wants to develop his computer skills when he grows up, so he spends a lot of time getting trying to learn more about computers. Sometimes his interest in computers means that he gets behind in his homework, but I believe in his computer talents. For Christmas, he wants a usb. We want to thank for your warm gifts every year and wish you a lovely and happy Christmas!

Wishlist gift: otg usb32GB 블루

68) Hyeonhui & Jeha (5 years old)

I would like to introduce our family. My daughter Jeha is a strong 5 year old trouble-maker, and I am a 33 year old mom who is barely able to get through daycare schedules with her terrible memory. We live together in our home in Incheon. Although there is never a quiet day, we live every day with the belief that being able to live while loving and protecting each other is happiness. ^^

Wishlist gift: Dinoforce / Power Ranger / Jungle Force / Red / Black http://mitem.gmarket.co.kr/Item?goodsCode=626419851 http://gmkt.kr/gVITLY 

69) Dajeong & Seungbeom

We love taking pictures together and of course we take pictures with the same pose. We both enjoy eating delicious food and so whenever we have time on weekends, we like to eat delicious food together. Therefore, we love going to the market and grocery shopping. I am asking for boots so that Seungbeom’s feet won’t be cold when we go grocery shopping in the winter. Thank you.

Wishlist gift: Faux fur child fur boots. (option brown size 160) 

70) Bupgyeong & Saebyeok

I am Haneul’s mom and I am raising my child who is developmentally delayed in Daegu. My little one loves drawing. Although right now the drawings are scribbles, Haneul can draw circles, albeit a bit poorly. ^^ Haneul enjoys drawing all over the place using colored pencils. A difficult point is that we go through many sketchbooks because Haneul does not draw on a page if there is even a tiny mark. That is why I chose a magnetic dry erase board as our wishlist gift. Thank you very much. ^^

Wishlist gift: White board, blackboard / magnetic board (option large, white frame, pink board대형-화이트-핑크보드판) 

 71) Soyun & Tae-in

I live with my parents and am raising my son. My child loves cars and enjoys visiting various places and traveling. When Tae-in is at home, he enjoys sticking close to mom, and he likes playing physical jokes. Because he speaks fairly well, he loves telling various stories that he has come up with and makes his mom laugh often. At times, I can even catch a glimpse of a certain gentle sensibility within him. He is small for his age and possesses a sense of cuteness that is warm and delicate. Sometimes, I like to watch a movie to lift my spirits and enjoy walking or taking hikes in parks or on mountains. I always hope and pray that together my child and I can grow and live with a positive attitude.

Wishlist gift: Sleeping pad / Newborn pad (option 1. cloud(brown) 2. standard 3. small (80x120cm)   구름이(브라운) 2. 기본형 3. 소형 (29800원)) http://gmkt.kr/gJrrRS 

72) Geunmi & Eunchan (5years old)

I live alone with my boy, Eunchan like other single moms do. Recently, Eunchan spends a lot of time learning Korean words and language. It’s not necessarily learning or studying, more like playing games. Before it got chilly, the  two of us  went to see baseball games a lot. But for this Christmas, I just want my boy to have a toy. Thank you all.

Wishlist gift : Teddybear 화이트 80cm

73) Gyoungjin & Hansol (11 years old) – link currently unavailable, will be updated soon!

There are three of us, two princess, Hansol, Hee, and myself. We like to cook or bake cookies together. Even now we’re drinking homemade fermented honey with japanese plums, lemons, chokeberries, cinnamon fruits, japanese medlers and wild peaches in hot water.
Wishlist gift: (www.11st.com Item# 19660416) : Sweetholic socute animal pajamas #08 and blackpenguin 140 and animal gloves.

74) Sunyoung & Hanbyul (3years old)

There are three of us and although I’m a working mom, it’s not easy to buy what my kids want. My daughter’s shoes are now too small for her feet so I feel bad for her.

Wishlist gift: (www.11st.com Item# 99031639 model name 8368 pink 160)

75) Sunyok & Minjin (7years old)

My daughter Minjin is going to be in the first grade in the elementary school next year. Minjin loves Rapunzel so much, so we would be grateful to get a Rapunzel doll for Christmas. Thank you.
Wishlist gift: Repunzel Mimi doll 

76) Sujin & Ajeong 

When we hang out, we like to cuddle, kiss (ppoppo), and roll around the house. Haha. My interests are similar to Ajeong, and I love to play at amusement parks and playground together with her. We love reading books to each other too. I hope that Ajeong will want to continue playing with me for a really long time. ^^ Recently, Ajeong has really enjoyed singing and playing on instruments, but she doesn’t have any suitable toys. So, I am asking for a microphone guitar. I am always thankful. And, I am happy as a result. I will live continuing to love more. ^^

Wishlist gift: Secret JuJu MicroSongGuitar (option 시크릿쥬쥬 (마이크로노래하는기타) 

77) Yeonhwa& Minjun (6years old)

This is what Minjun likes and if he gets this Dyno force action mask set for this Christmas, he will be thrilled by it. Thank you.:)

Wishlist gift: Dynoforce action mask set, 21,900won

78) Sera & Ha-eun

Ha-eun is a cute girl who has a strong sense of curiosity and approaches everything actively and eagerly. I am Ha-eun’s friend-like, fun mother. We occasionally quarrel, however, our last happy words afterwards are always “I love you”. I am happiest when Ha-eun tells me, “Mom, I love you more than you love me.”

Wishlist gift: Child Batting Practice toy (아동용배팅연습기) 

79) Hanna & Ju-hwan

Hello. My favorite hobby is listening to sermons and Bible stories. My older child is Ye-Eun and her favorite hobby is sculpting miniatures out of clay. My son Ju-hwan’s favorite hobby is watching cartoons on TV. ^^ Our favorite family hobby is making something out of clay together. ^^

Wishlist gift: Tobot transforming robot/tobot (option tobot X-evolution) (G마켓 , (또봇 X에볼루션) http://gmkt.kr/gKcFHV http://gmkt.kr/eKcFHV  

80) Seoyeong & Song-yeob (9 years old)

I am raising and living with my 9 year old son who loves drawing. Perhaps because he doesn’t have any younger siblings, he loves puppy dolls. He also loves building things, but, I think his preferences keep changing as he gets older. Still, I would like to gift him his most favorite thing, Legos. He has already started talking about what he would like as a Christmas gift and he asked for Legos. I am asking for this gift and imagining my child being happy receiving the gift that he wanted for Christmas ^^

Wishlist gift: PASNET Crayon/Color Crayons/CRAYON (option 36 colors, 2 packs, total 29,400 won) (36색 2통 29,400원무료배송) http://gmkt.kr/gXjKk_&200004731 http://gmkt.kr/eXjKk_

81) Sujeong & Jinseol (9 years old)

Our family consists of my beautiful 9 year old daughter and me, her spirited mother. Although puberty has come early for my daughter and everyday is like a battle, to me she is the reason why I live and my lifeblood. ^^ We are a happy family. ^^ For a gift, we are asking for warm boots (size 210~220). Or any type of winter clothing, I am not thinking of anything else specifically. Even winter pants or shirts are all okay. Thank you.

Wishlist gift: Girl friendly flower size 220 – black. (걸프랜드플라워 220사이즈블랙) 

82) Huiseon & Jiwoo (3 years old)

I am Ji-u’s mom. I am a 28 year old mom with a lot of street smarts and my son is an intelligent 4 year old. We live happily together. It’s already been 3 years since I became a working mom. I am a mother with a lot of gratitude but I also feel apologetic to my child. But still, when weekend comes I spend ALL(!!!) of my time traveling and playing with Jiwoo. We are the energizer family!!! On the 9th of December, it will be 3 years since Jiwoo was born and first met me!!! There are many great things that have happened, but lately I have been feeling that Jiwoo has grown up so well by the way he talks to me. Things that Jiwoo likes… Lately, he helps me prepare meals and snacks! Although cooking can sometimes be dangerous, we are very careful to avoid risk and have a lot of fun preparing meals together!!! Jiwoo still loves Pororo but, I would like a bit of a change!!!!

Wishlist gift: Robocar Poly RC car (option Heli 헬리) (11번가무선조종헬리) 

83) Jihye & Halang

I enjoy making chocolates. My child loves going outside and riding around or playing at the playground. We don’t have a specific favorite hobby, but we do enjoy making various homemade items. Usually, Halang goes to the neighborhood playground and plays. Lately, it has become too cold to go outside and so I am asking for this gift so that Halang can at least play indoors. I hope that my child can have a warm and fun winter. Thank you.

Wishlist gift: Hotos Child Slide (후토스꼬마미끄럼틀) http://gmkt.kr/geJsdi http://gmkt.kr/eeJsdi 

84) Hyunju & Jeongwon (9years old) – link is currently not available, will be updated soon!

My boy fell in love with Lego these days. I work hard and we try our most efforts living together day by day and we will continue to do so. Sending you our best wishes and appreciation for this Christmas gift!

Wishlist gift: item#486167541 

85) Huiseong & Yuna (7 years old)

Yuna is a 7 year old girl who has become obsessed with ballet recently and says that she wants to become a ballerina. Because Yuna is growing up to be such bright girl despite not getting enough motherly love from me, I am always grateful and apologetic to her so I continuously pledge to love her more. We love traveling. And, through KUMFA we were able to take a trip to mudflats and Jeju Island as well. We are grateful for being given the opportunity to create such precious memories. Yuna is a girly girl and loves princess themed stuff. But, she has never had a princess dress and so I would like to ask for one. Thanks to KUMFA members and supporters, Yuna will be able to have the chance to receive a gift. I think it will be a happy Christmas. Thank you!

Wishlist gift: Sofia dress 2 in 1 (option 소피아드레스 29,800) 

86) Lyeona & Mijeong (5 years old)

I am currently raising a 5 year old daughter~ She has a bright personality and loves dolls~ Thank you.^^

Wishlist gift: Aurora World Mermaid Aquarium Robot Fish 

87) Yunhee & Jihoon (3years old)

My boy gets easily excited at even small things so he will like this Christmas tree a lot. I haven’t started sending him to nursery school yet, so we spend the whole day together. He plays music and pulls my hands to dance, which is so adorable to me. His dancing is just jumping and jumping but he is so giggly and smiley for nothing so I dance with my boy a couple of times a day. 🙂 Thanks a lot for your Christmas gift, I feel so grateful and blessed for this warm Christmas and year-end with your gift!

Wishlist gift: Gmarket big lovely1.5m Christmas tree full set/ ornaments/ melody lights/ seller is onlife2 / add: hairband / Total 29,400won


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